Unity Bank Mobile App: How To Register, Activate, Login & Transfer Money

What are the factors that contribute to the attractiveness of the Unity Bank Mobile app?
Greetings and welcome to our online platform. Join me as I guide you through the process of setting up and using the Unity Mobile Banking App, which includes procedures such as registration, activation, login, and money transfers. Please go with reading.

Mobile banking refers to the practice of using a customer’s mobile device, such as a smartphone or laptop, to carry out financial transactions. This service is provided by a financial institution.

The Unity Mobile Banking App allows you to conveniently access your bank account from any location. You possess the autonomy to oversee your bank accounts and execute financial activities effortlessly using your mobile device. Banking simplified and readily available.

The mobile banking application, “Unifi,” provided by Unity Bank, has comparable reliability and efficiency.

Benefits of using Unity Bank’s Unify platform

The Unity Mobile Banking App offers a range of functions that you may utilize:

Explore the ideal savings account to enhance your way of life: Unifi is a high-quality savings account designed for young individuals aged 16-35. It allows a maximum deposit of 300,000 and does not charge any fees for account registration. Additionally, there is no minimum balance requirement.
Utilize a personalized debit card: Upon opening a Unifi account, you will be eligible to get a customized debit card. You are welcome to customize it according to your preferences.
A simpler approach of covering tuition expenses: There exists a safe method for you to make payment for your school tuition without the need to physically leave your residence.
Anticipate and arrange your payments in advance: You should not be concerned about covering your bills either! Establish automated payments for utilities such as power bills or satellite TV subscriptions.
Buy cinema tickets from any electronic device: This platform offers a wide range of services like movie ticket purchases, access to trailers, and exclusive promotions for a short period of time.
The UniFi software integrates gamification features, allowing users to get complimentary airtime and data just by registering.
Referral Code: By referring three friends to download and successfully register with the UniFi app, you have the chance to get complimentary airtime.
Process for Signing Up, Activating, and Logging In to the Unity Bank Mobile App

To initiate the functionality of your Unity Bank mobile banking application, adhere to the below instructions:

Commence by navigating to the App Store on your mobile device. The Unify Mobile App is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Step 2: Initially, it is important to create an account and establish a connection with your bank.

Step 3: Complete the Know Your Customer form with precision by according to the instructions shown on the screen.

Furthermore, ensure that the email and phone numbers associated with your bank account are current.

Step 5: Validate the information you provided by reviewing it again to guarantee accuracy.

Step 6: Subsequently, you will have the ability to log into your account and start using Unity Mobile Banking.

Instructions for Utilizing the Unity Mobile Banking App to Conduct Fund Transfers

To initiate a money transfer with the Unity Bank mobile application, adhere to the following instructions:

Kindly provide your login details.
Choose the “Transfer” option.
Choose the option to initiate a money transfer from either another bank, namely Unity Bank, or from your own account.
Selecting the option “Account number” will deduct the amount.
Please provide the remaining details of the recipient.
Select the “Next” option.
Please give your transfer pin, verify the transfer, and proceed.
Final observations about the Unity Bank Mobile App

To use the Unify app, you may either visit your device’s app store and search for it, or just dial 389215# on your phone. Upon completion of the sign-up process, you may activate your Personal Identification Number (PIN) at any Unity Bank branch by completing an application request form.

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