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In the year 1701, the University of Yale was established as a Collegiate School. Yale University is the 3rd oldest institution of higher education in the U.S. and has a stand among the most prestigious higher education colleges in the world.

The institute is a private research university (Ivy league) located in New Haven, Connecticut brought into place by the clergy to educate ministers before relocating to New Haven in the year 1716. The institute being formerly restricted to theology and sacred languages, the course work began to accept and include humanities and sciences after the involvement of American Revolution times.

The University is sub-divided into 14 constituent schools which are; the original undergraduate college, Yale’s Graduate School of sciences and Arts and 12 professional schools.

The university is steered by the Yale Corporation whereby each school’s faculty govern its particular curriculum and respective degree programs. In addition, the central campus located in downtown New Haven is the university’s athletic facilities in western New Haven solely by them, a campus in West Haven, and forests and nature reserves in the vicinity of New England.


The university’s total revenue was valued at $42.3 billion as of the year 2021, being the 2nd largest of any educational institution. Yale’s Library, which serves constituent schools, has 15 million or more volumes and is the 3rd largest academic library located in the United States.

Yale University has a complex form of relationship with its home city. For example, many students over the years participate in voluntary work in community organizations, but the city officials expect the institute to do much more.

Campus safety strategy has been top-notch in Yale as the first campus police force was founded in the year 1894. This step was contracted first by city police officers to exclusively cover the campus and give the students and staff members a conducive atmosphere for learning.

Yale University Tuition

The cost associated with going to college has increased drastically over the years have is showing no sign of pulling off to a cheap cost. From the year 1988 to 2021, tuition and fee for college is 4 times what they used to be.

However, at Yale, tuition cost about $55,500, rooming cost $9,400, and boarding cost $7,200 making it a total of $72,100. Additionally, books and other student fees might likely give an uprise to a total cost of $75,925 per academic year.


Apart from the cost of books and supplies, Yale has indicated the school health insurance of $2,404 and senior class due of $119 and other potential costs of attendance.

Tuition $59,950
Room $10,100
Board $7,700


There are many costs associated with going to college. Both direct and indirect cost tuition is involved in relation to housing, meals and many more that form the total cost of attendance.

Estimated Cost of Attendance for Yale University

Tuition and Fees $62, 250
Room (Housing) $10,500
Board (Meal Plan) $7,950
Estimated books and Personal expenses $3,700
Student Activities $125
TOTAL $84,525


Families who receive financial aid awards don’t pay a complete cost of attendance.

Eli Whitney Students’ total Cost of Attendance


The Eli Whitney Students pay about $6,620 per course credit. Room and board costs are the same for all Undergraduate students.

Estimated cost of attendance for Eli Whitney students.

Tuition and fee Credits per $6,620
Estimated room $10,100
Estimated board $7,700
Estimated books and personal expenses $3,700
Student Activities fee $125

International students funding and incurring tax

  1. The government of the United States considers the amount of financial aid in form of scholarships you receive above tuition cost as taxable income.
  2. The university may deem it fit to withhold up to 14% of the total scholarship amount that exceeds the tuition amount. With-held amount depends on your tax status and any tax treaty between your home country and the United States.
  3. For students with qualifying tax status, the first-year financial aid package Scholarship will increase to startup the tax withholding.

Yale University Admission Requirements And Acceptance Rate

Getting into Yale University first thing we need to look at is its acceptance rate. This tells us how serious their requirements are and how competitive the school is.

Yale Acceptance Rate


The acceptance rate of Yale University is 6.1%, that is to say only 6 gets into Yale University out of 100 applicants.

This means the school is extremely selective.

In as much as there are a lot of requirements getting into university, criteria for getting in to Yale University has been studied and highlighted below.

Requirements For in-state students:

  1. GPA requirements
  2. Testing requirements, including ACT and SAT requirements.
  3. Application requirements

Meeting their GPA, SAT and ACT requirements is just the first step in showing them you are academically prepared. If you don’t meet the requirements chances of getting in are nearly zero.


Second round involves impressing the Yale application readers through other application requirements, which include extracurricular, Letter of recommendation and essays.

GPA requirements

Many schools specify a minimum GPA you must attain to apply for its institution and not meeting these minimum requirements means immediate rejection.

Also taking hard classes like the AP and IB courses will show the Yale University admission team that the college level would be a walk in the park.

Being junior or senior, your GPA is hard to change in time for college applications and your GPA is at or below the average of 4.14. With higher scores on the ACT or SAT, you can suffice for your GPA and compete effectively against other applicants.


Final Words

Yale University, founded in 1701 is the third-oldest institution for higher education in the United States and no doubt one of the most prestigious higher institutions in the world, with remarkable achievements and alumni as its evidential trophies.

If you are looking for a good college to achieve your undergraduate and professional program, Yale University is the place for you. Feel free to apply today and achieve light and truth in your post-secondary pursuit.

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