Wyoming Catholic College Acceptance Rate, Tuition And Admission Requirements 2023

Located at 306 Main Street, Lander, Wyoming, Wyoming Catholic College is a private liberal arts college and is the only four years higher education institution in the state. The school was established in 2005 by Bishop David Ricken.

The Catholic College was given institutional pre-accreditation status by the American Academy for Liberal Education in September 2010 and achieved candidate status by the Higher Learning Commission, even though it admitted its first class in 2007.

The college has no minors or majors, graduate programs or specialized degrees because it offers a four-year great book degree integrated curriculum. Over 190 students were enrolled in the school as of the fall of 2021, and the school awards a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal arts.

Courses studied include; theology, philosophy, Latin, humanities, leadership, math, science, and Trivium. The school’s curriculum was designed in a way to give students liberal arts education via the study of the great books.

Wyoming Catholic College started to accept the CLI (Classic Learning Test) as an alternative to SAT (Scholastic Admission Test) and ACT (American College Test/American College Testing) in the spring of 2016.


Is Wyoming Catholic College Accredited?

The Higher Learning Commission granted initial accreditation to Wyoming Catholic College in its board meeting on the 1st day of November 2018.

An HLC site team visited the school in March of the same year, also the Institutional Actions Council met with an administrative panel of the institution in July 2018.

The five-member evaluation team had meetings with the community leaders, alumni, staff, and students. Also, evidence developed by the college community for about a year and a half, a 30,000-word self-study with thousands of pages was well evaluated.

The team ascertained and affirmed that the school has met all requirements and qualifications that are the needed core components for accreditation.

It listed many areas of strengths possessed by the school which include; the strength of the institution’s shared governance practices, a budget process that is collaborative and well developed, student learning assessment improvement, a graduate rate and retention that is significantly higher than the national average and fidelity of the community to its institutional mission’s knowledge.


Based on the above positives, The HLC teams recommended accreditation of the institution, leaving its approval to the HLC trustees’ board.

The HLC trustees accepted the recommendation of the site team at its meeting on the 1st of November 2018

With this achievement, the catholic college credits are now accepted by Universities and open the door for its students to be accepted for graduate programs.

So to answer the question, is Wyoming Catholic College accredited, I guess you know the answer by now after this much explanation. It’s a yes!

Wyoming Catholic College Admission Requirements

Interested in getting into Wyoming Catholic College? Attracted by the school’s history and method of operation discussed so far?


If any of these questions is a yes answer for you or you have someone around that it may be a yes for, then it will be a good thing to have good knowledge of the school’s admission requirements and qualifications. See below;

  • The official transcripts of all schools attended by the applicants are to be made available
  • Applicant must have a High School Diploma or its equivalent
  • WCC does not make specific course recommendations, the applicant should have studied a standard Catholic curriculum of preparatory studies, should know how to write well and possess good time management skills.
  • Write and submit an admission essay. The topic to be selected are available on the school’s website. You are to follow the instructions and procedures laid down in the course of preparing the essay
  • Prepare a Personal statement not more than w pages, as a response about why you are fit to be admitted to Wyoming Catholic College, why you are attracted to WCC’s academic inquiry and practice model, personal educational desire and experience.
  • ACT, SAT or CLT scores are to be made available. The school prefers if CLT exams is the applicants’ submitted score, as WCC believes that this exam measures accurately the student’s strength.
  • ACT and SAT are also accepted by WCC. The scores just need to be sent from the testing company to the admission office of the Wyoming Catholic College. SAT code number is 4748, the whole ACT code number is 5001.
  • Score requirements: scores are an important part of the admission evaluation at Wyoming Catholic College, and even though the school does not have a minimum requirement set for SAT, ACT or CLT, the current average scores of WCC students are SAT 1283, ACT 26, and CLT 85. The school believes that scores above 50% percentage in any subject or discipline area are an indication of a capacity to succeed academically while still enjoying outdoor activities that are rated quite important in the Wyoming Catholic College education set-up.
  • A telephone interview is one of the final rounds of the application process steps
  • The English language is the language of study at the Wyoming Catholic College, therefore, one of the important admission requirements is that the applicant must pass the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

These are the requirements needed for application to Wyoming Catholic College.

Does Wyoming Catholic College Accept Students From Non-Catholic Backgrounds?

WCC does not discriminate about race, colour, ethnic origin, or religion. Therefore, students are accepted from all backgrounds of life.

Wyoming Catholic College Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of Wyoming Catholic College is quite on the high percentage side. 94% in 2019, 99% in 2020, 99% in 2021. The average acceptance rate of Wyoming Catholic College from statistics for the last 3 years is 97.33%.

Tuition And Fee Structure At The School

The direct costs for students at the College are as follows;

  • Outdoor Equipment $1,000 (approximately for incoming fresh students)
  • Activities Fee, Books, and Materials $800
  • Tuition $25,000
  • Room and Board $9,700

These are the fee structures for students at Wyoming Catholic College.


This is where we’ll stop in this piece on Wyoming Catholic College. I hope this piece has given you all you need or want to know about the school. Please share!

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