What Jobs Can You Get With A Business Management Degree? Find Out Here

What jobs can you get with a business management degree? You asked. This guide holds all the answers you seek. Read on.

Business Managements refers to the planning, organization and coordination of business activities and resources. The role of business managers in a business is quite bulky. It may include but not limited to coordination staff activities to meet business goals, staff recruitment and training, overseeing and supervision of business operations, and so on.

Business Management Courses

The courses to be taken as you progress on your journey towards your business management degrees have a potential wide range and reach.

They include but not limited to  topics like; business strategy, business policy, business communication, leadership, business management principles, macroeconomics, business ethics, eCommerce, microeconomics, principles of accounting, business and society, ,quality management, entrepreneurship, business law, and so on.

There are various types of Business Management degree specializations. They include but not limited to;

  • Human Resources Management

This degree covers courses such as conflict resolution, human assets management, personnel recruitment and trainings, personnel approval, evaluation, and so on.

It is an aspect of management that is well in demand by nearly every company around the globe today

  • Degree in Entrepreneurship

This is a very useful degree for those who have a business already or have plans to have one sooner or later. Management skills and tactics, business laws, leadership, budgeting, and so on are some of the areas that will be touched in the course of this program.

  • Marketing Degree

It is a field that covers marketing strategies, plans, research, sales strategies, and implementation.

  • Project Management
  • Operations Management
  • Finance Degree
  • Public Administration
  • International Business Degree
  • Accounting

Benefits Of A Business Management Degree

  • Good salary structure
  • Ease in transition to other new career(s)
  • Increase in leadership Ability
  • Operations and strategy knowledge development

Universities To Get A Business Management Degree Online

There are many online Business Management courses offered by various institutions. The following are some of the tertiary institutions reputed for offering the best online Business Management courses in the US.

  • Business Foundations Specialization by Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Bachelors in Business Administration by University of Florida
  • Business Administration Certificate by University of California
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration by Pennsylvania State world Campus
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration by University of the people.

What Jobs Can You Get With A Business Management Degree? – Jobs and Salary

There are many career options open to an individual who holds a business management degree, and with good pay too. Sure, we will not be able to cover it all here I this piece but here we have some of them;

  • Financial Manager

If you hold a bachelor’s or Master’s degree in finance, business administration, accounting, economics, then you can be a good fit for this role.

Duties of a financial manager may include but not limited to; development of long term financial goals, analysis of market trends, financial forecast and report production, investment activities direction, and so on.

Average annual salary is around $135,000.

  • Corporate Controller

Duties at these role includes but not limited to; management duties, accounting and financial activities control, budgets, processing of payrolls, and so on.


Average salary for this role is over $102,000 annually.

  • Management Analyst

A management analyst of an organization is responsible for planning towards making the organization more profitable. This it does by cutting cost and boosting income without causing harm to the system.

Apart from the academic qualification required for this role, (which is preferably an MBA) it is a role for an individual with great problem solving skills and leadership ability.

Management analysts are also referred to as management consultants in some quarters.

Duties of a management analyst include; examination of employment report and financial data, organizational changes and procedure recommendations, on-site company performance evaluation, strategy implementation, workers training and so on.


Average annual salary for this role is about $87,660.

  • Project Manager

A Project Manager’s average annual salary is around $76,404. This role is best suited for a business management degree holder with project management as area of specialization.

Duties of a Project Manager includes but not limited to; organization, planning, direction and coordination of business projects, goals measurement, meeting schedule, budgeting and so on.

  • Human Resource Manager

Can be filled by any management degree holder, but however, the Human Resource Manager role is best suited for an individual with Human resources specialization.

Annual average national salary grade for this role is $69,200. Duties include but not limited to; payroll set I, staff recruitment, and training, staff firing, onboarding of new staff, interview set ups, and so on

  • Logistics Manager

The role of a logistic manager is a quite pivotal one in an organization’s success. Annual national average income for those in this role is around $61,220.

Their duties include Goods storage, transportation, distribution, stock management, goods flow control, and so on.

  • Director of Operations

Duties of a director of operations in an organization includes but not limited to staff management, staff supervision, production supervision, daily activities assistance and records, strategic goal settings, and so on.

Annual average national pay of this role is around $94,700.

  • Business Manager

The average annual national payment for the business manager position is $64,000.


Duties in this role includes all manners of supervision and management of the company, either assets, employees, or operations. The business manager also implement development strategies and ensures efficiency and high productivity

  • Office Manager

The office manager role involves organization of business operation procedures, payroll preparation. Annual national pay average for this role is $43,000.

  • Assistance Store Manager

Assistance store manager is a role that can be filled by an individual who holds an associate degree in business.

Duties include ordering new inverters, training for other employees, works schedules creation and adjustments, and so on.

  • Compliance Officer

Compliance officer’s role includes reviews to verify how well the organization’s compliance procedures are followed, preventive management strategies creation, risk evaluation, and so on.


Annual average pay for this role is about $68,000.

  • Health Services Manager

Annual average national payment for this role is about $104,000. The role duties is more of behind the scene activities in a hospital. Management of the hospitals digital records, communications with health insurance representatives staff recruitment and training, and so on.

  • Information Security Analyst $104,000
  • Accountant $74,000
  • Community Manager $48,000
  • Data Analyst $68,000
  • Operation Research Analyst $87,000
  • Customer Relationship Manager $55,222
  • Client Services Manager $54,000.

Final Words

These are some of the jobs available for an individual with a Business Management degree and their salary scale. Of course there are much more not yet given a mention here.

If you have a business degree or are planning on pursuing one, or you are already in the process, you got a lot of career opportunities in front of you as you can see. It’s a good career path. Enjoy. And don’t forget to share this piece.

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