What Is The Meaning Of Zazu Zeh? See The Origin And Meaning Of Zazzu In Portable’s Song

Do you want to know the real meaning of Zazu in Nigeria? This post explains all you need to know about the popular slang on Twitter and other social networks.

If you are a lover of Nigerian music, you must have come across the trending Zazu Zeh by Portable featuring Olamide and Poco Lee.

For the sake of clarity, Zazu is also written as Zazzu, Zazoo and Zazzu Zeh. These are several renderings of the same word. And we’ll show you the real meaning and origin in this very article. Just keep reading!

In the top trending song, Portable Olamide and Poco Lee can be heard repeating the word “Zazu” over and over while they all sing and dance.

So what are they trying to tell you or asking you to do when they say the word repeatedly? You will find out as you proceed.


Who Is Zazu, Portable Omolalomi?

Omolalomi Portable whose real name is Habeeb Okikiola, is a Nigerian afrobeat songwriter and singer who became famous after his song Zazu Zeh ft Olamide and Poco Lee went viral in 2021.

Prior to that song, nothing much was heard or known about the singer. It was the release of that song that brought him to the limelight and got many brands like Obi Cubana’s Odogwu Bitters knocking on his door for endorsements.

The song has since become of the top fan’s favourite songs on TikTok, Likee, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

So what is the musician saying in the lyrics of the song? Keep reading to see it.

What Is The True Meaning Of Zazu? What Does Portable’s Song Zazu Zeh Mean?

The word Zazu has different meanings in different languages across the world:


In Hebrew, the word Zazu or Zaza means “movement” and is mostly given to females as a name. In the Quran (Arabic), it means “goodwill or happiness” and is often used in Islamic prayers to say “Allah (God) don’t let your goodness or the happiness you’ve granted me depart from me and my family.”

This is why it is often speculated that anyone who sings the song will be blessed and live in abundance.

In Nigerian Yoruba language, Zazu Zeh most likely means “Are you sure?” This, however, has been contested by some social media users who says “Are you sure” in Yoruba is “Ṣe o da ọ loju” and not “Zazzu Zeh.”

In Nigerian Pidgin, Zazzu is often used in place of “shake bodi”, which is another way of saying “shake your body”, “move your body” or “dance to the rhythm.”

Going by it’s meaning in Hebrew, Quran (Arabic) and Nigerian Pidgin, we can authoritatively say that the word “Zazu” in Portable’s song Zazu Zeh is simply a call to action to “dance or move your body in happiness or goodwill.”


If you consider the lyrics of the song, you will easily arrive at this same conclusion.

In Summary

Thanks to Portable, Olamide and Pocolee, the word Zazu or Zazu Zeh has become a popular slang in the Nigerian social media space.

Interestingly, the song has also become an anthem in many clubs and on the streets of Nigerian Ghettos.

While many sing and dance to it, only few know the real meaning. Which is why we have dedicated this page to showing you what the word truly means,  so you’d have a perfect understanding of what you say when you sing the song.

I hope you find the information here useful. Now tell us, what do you think about Portable’s song Zazzu Zeh and what do you think is the meaning?


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