Wema Bank Mobile App: How To Register, Activate, Login & Transfer Money On Wema Mobile Banking App

Want to discover how to register or activate Wema Bank Mobile App? Check this out! This article explains how you can easily register, activate, login and transfer money with Wema Mobile Banking App. Keep reading!

The Wema Bank App allows customers to get a full control over their account from anywhere and at any time. The App is flexible and easy to use. It comes with a strong security system which involves; Face ID, Biometric or your 6 digit password.

The mobile banking application comes with some great features such as; deposit and withdrawal of funds, transfer money to your family and friends at a low cost, access your account balance for free, pay utility and other bills easily, access to your bank statement at any time, and lots more.

How To Register And Activate Wema Bank Mobile App

Here’s how to register and activate your Wema Mobile Banking App:

  1. Download and install the Wema Bank Mobile App ‘ALAT’ from your respective App Store
  2. Launch the mobile app
  3. Click on the ‘register’ option
  4. Input account details in the space provided
  5. Create a username and password
  6. Create a four digit transaction pin
  7. Cross check your information given and submit
  8. Upon successful registration, you can now login to your mobile banking App with the username and password created

For easy transactions, you can request for a token, pick up Wema Bank token at any bank branch close to you.


If you encounter any difficulty during the registration, you can simply call Wema Bank customer care service on 08039003700 or send an email to purpleconnect@wemabank.com.

How To Transfer Money With Wema Bank Mobile App ‘Alat By Wema’

Follow the steps below to transfer money using your Wema Bank App:

Step 1: Launch the Wema Bank Mobile App on your device

Step 2: Login with your details

Step 3: Navigate to ‘transfer’


Step 4: Select the account you want to make transfer from

Step 5: Select whether you want to make a transfer to Wema Bank account or other banks

Step 6: input account number of beneficiary

Step 7: Select the appropriate bank of the beneficiary

Step 8: Input the amount to be transferred and transaction narration if any


Step 9: Confirm your transfer by inputting your transaction pin

Step 10: Upon successful transfer, you’ll be asked to download a transaction receipt as proof of payment (this is optional)

In Conclusion

Wema mobile banking service is brought to you by ALAT (Wema Bank Mobile App) which will assist you in simplifying your banking experience.

This mobile application is very easy to use. It is also very safe and convenient, it is time saving and fast.

Visit Google Play Store to download it now and start banking on the go.


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