List Of Unskilled Jobs In USA With Visa Sponsorship

What exactly are the unskilled jobs in USA for immigrants with visa sponsorship?

Many of these occupations are regarded as entry-level, with training taking place on the job, as an unskilled job doesn’t require specific skills to execute its regular everyday responsibilities.

While having a specific amount of experience may help you land a job and succeed in it, it is not required to perform the duties of the position. Numerous businesses, especially those involved in hospitality, maintenance, and retail, provide unskilled employment opportunities. Through practical experience, these jobs let you hone your talents.

Professional training and specialized skills are insufficient to propel an economy. Jobs will be lost and the economy won’t expand without unskilled laborers like butchers, truck drivers, assistants, and intermediate skilled employees. The USA welcomes them with jobs because they recognize the value that unskilled foreigners bring to the nation.

Because of the vast country’s ageing population and its incredibly brilliant labor supply, unskilled and intermediate skills shortages are common in a wide range of industries. This suggests that regardless of whether you have post-auxiliary training, you will wish to start a new career in the USA.


In recent times, unskilled labor in the United States has been heavily driven by immigrants from other parts of the world.

Some of the unskilled jobs in the USA for immigrants are highlighted below with brief explanations of each.

Construction Worker

To finish construction projects like building and infrastructure, construction personnel collaborate. Heavy equipment is frequently used by them to clear waste, excavate, and pave.

Workers in the construction industry frequently load and unload supplies, control traffic around job sites, and assist contractors with a variety of jobs. They could erect and take down transient constructions like scaffolding and barricades. Construction workers earn approximately $16.18 per hour.

Sales Representative

Clients and customers buy products and services from salespeople. To assist consumers in selecting a product that meets their needs, they employ effective communication and customer service techniques as well as in-depth product knowledge.


Sales agents may do their business in person, over the phone, or online. They could be in charge of merchandising, promoting, and following up on sales leads if necessary to grow their clientele. Typically, salespeople place orders, record sales, and examine sales trends.

Sales Representatives earn approximately $14.68 per hour.

Administrative Assistant

Appointment scheduling and travel planning may be assigned to administrative assistants. They are obliged to be comfortable with office tools like copiers, fax machines, and telephones as well as software programs like word processors, spreadsheets, databases, and ordering systems.

Administrative assistants facilitate the smooth operation of a workplace. Additionally, they are expected to create reports, conduct some research, manage file systems, input data into different software applications, and deliver mail.

Administrative assistants earn approximately $16.68 per hour.


Sanitation Worker

Workers in the sanitation industry gather and move trash from homes and businesses to landfills. They often operate their vehicles while driving and maintaining and cleaning them regularly.

Along with operating large machines, sanitation personnel can also need to perform some heavy lifting.

Sanitation workers earn approximately $13 per hour.

Ground Maintenance Worker

The upkeep and cultivation of a building or piece of property’s grounds are the responsibility of grounds maintenance staff.

They frequently maintain the grounds’ general look, grow flowers, make repairs, mow the grass, and pluck weeds.


In addition to clearing paths and trimming trees and shrubs branches, they could apply fertilizer and insecticides. Employees that maintain irrigation systems and install outdoor furniture are considered grounds maintenance personnel.

Ground maintenance workers earn approximately $15.08 per hour.

Farm Worker

Workers on farms take care of livestock and maintain crops. They frequently clear ground, plant seeds, and install irrigation lines using heavy agricultural equipment. Crops may also be manually inspected and harvested.

Pesticides are frequently used by farmworkers to control fungus, weeds, and insects. Along with cleaning their enclosures, giving them medications, and branding or tagging the animals, they also feed, clean, and examine the livestock.

Farm workers earn approximately $13.25 per hour.


Security Guard

Security workers regularly prepare logs and reports to record who was on the premises, verify that all the equipment is in working order, and keep track of any incidents.

Security guards are in charge of maintaining the organization’s property and the security of its employees. They frequently conduct monitoring of buildings and properties, accept deliveries, and welcome visitors and staff.

Security Guards earn approximately $13.28 per hour.

Care Associate

Care associates are members of the medical support staff that assist residents of long-term care facilities with everyday tasks and patients in hospitals with basic medical care.

They could be in charge of turning patients in bed, exercising them, washing and feeding them, collecting samples, inserting catheters, and monitoring vital signs.


Since care associates frequently treat patients regularly, they are typically expected to record changes in their patient’s emotional, physical, and mental health. Care staff members have to be competent in administering first aid, including CPR.

Care associates earn approximately $12.92 per hour.

Transport Drivers

Delivering passengers to various locations is done by transport drivers. They could work for a ride-hailing service, a taxicab or limousine business, or another transportation provider.

Transport drivers must keep their vehicles clean and choose the best route to take in light of the road, the weather, and the flow of traffic. In addition to accepting money, they can be in charge of loading and unloading baggage as well as responding to inquiries about the neighbourhood.

Transport drivers earn approximately $12.52 per hour.



Schools, workplaces, hospitals, and libraries are just a few of the establishments where janitors are in charge of cleaning. Windows cleaning, dusting, emptying trash cans, sweeping and mopping floors, and organizing restrooms are just a few of the tasks they are responsible for.

A janitor may be in charge of securing and locking the property as they frequently work before or after regular business hours. In addition to cleaning, some janitors carry out little repairs and keep supplies on hand.

Janitors earn approximately $12.09 per hour.


According to studies, people who are willing and able to work can choose from a large number of unskilled professions in the United States that sponsor visas. Without any experience or qualifications, they may apply for any position deemed low-skill.

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