Undergraduate Scholarships In Sweden For International Students

Are you looking for International Undergraduate Scholarships in Sweden? You’ve come to the correct place. This post talks about the greatest and most straightforward Scholarships in Sweden for overseas students. Keep an eye out for updates!

Sweden has a long history of being a popular European country where you may study for free. The Swedish government implemented regulations to establish the Swedish Scholarship Programs for undergraduate students from outside the EU.

However, in 2011, the Swedish government stopped tuition-free study at Swedish universities for international students. To compensate, the Swedish government and numerous organizations provide a variety of scholarships to international students.

How To Study In Sweden

If you want to study in Sweden, but don’t know where to begin, this is your step-by-step guide.

  1. Research programs and universities.

The first step is to become acquainted with the Swedish university system and the many possibilities open to you. Once you understand the fundamentals, research the many institutions in Sweden and evaluate which style of school would be ideal for you.

  1. Select a program

A database for searching the more than 1,000 bachelor’s and master’s level programs available in English in Sweden is provided by Universityadmissions.se. Program listings are also available on university websites.

Each application round allows you to select up to four master’s programs or eight bachelor’s programs to apply for. Most institutions begin releasing their programs in October of each year. The whole list of fall-starting television shows often becomes available in early December.

  1. Prepare your paperwork

Once you’ve decided on a few programs for which you want to apply, you may begin preparing your application. Full application criteria, including information on all of the papers you’ll need to provide with your application, may be found at Universityadmissions.se.

If you’ll be demonstrating your English ability with a TOEFL or IELTS exam and haven’t already taken the test, be sure to schedule a time far ahead of the application deadline so that you receive your results on time.

  1. Look for scholarships.

Many organizations, as well as the majority of Swedish institutions, provide scholarships for overseas students. If you’re searching for a means to support your education, it’s a good idea to start looking into choices before submitting your application so you don’t miss any application deadlines.


Some scholarships may only be available for specific programs, which is another reason to do your research before submitting your application. This post will introduce you to a variety of foreign student scholarships available in Sweden.

  1. To apply, go online by January 15th.

For programs starting in the autumn, the application deadline is January 15th. By February 1st, you must have submitted your application fee (or proof of an exemption) and all other supporting documents. Upload the paperwork and make the payment a few days beforehand to reduce last-minute stress!

Here’s Are Some Undergraduate Scholarships In Sweden For International Students

  1. Scholarships At The Swedish University Of Agricultural Sciences

For those applying to the Forest and Landscape bachelor’s degree, scholarships are available. A scholarship provided by SLU only pays for tuition; it does not cover housing or travel costs.

End date: January 17, 2023.

Level: Undergraduate


100% of the cost of tuition.

  1. Scholarships At Mlardalen University

As long as you stick to the regular study schedule, the scholarship will pay the whole program cost. Living expenses are not covered by the scholarship.

END DATE: February 1, 2023.

LEVEL: Undergraduate

100% of the tuition fee is being financed.

  1. Södertörn University Tuition Fee Waiver

End date: 1 February 2023.

Level: Undergraduate

90% of the tuition fees are being financed

  1. Tuition Waver at SÖDERTÖRN UNIVERSITY

End date: 1 February 2023.

Level: Undergraduate


90% of the tuition fees are being financed

  1. Scholarships At University West

END DATE: February 1, 2023.

LEVEL: Undergraduate

25% of the tuition is financed

  1. Scholarship For International Students At The University Of Gvle

Open date: January 16, 2023


Level: Undergraduate

75% tuition fee decrease

  1. Rebro University Awards

End date: January 17, 2023.

Level: Undergraduate

The complete cost of tuition is being financed.

  1. Fellowships Of The Open Society Foundation

Deadline: To be made known shortly.

Grade: Undergraduate

$80,000 or $100,000 in financing

Eligibility For Sweden Scholarship

Candidates must be citizens of a qualifying nation and hold a position of trust or have obtained at least two years’ worth of experience through volunteer work, paid or unpaid internships, full- or part-time employment, or other means. Candidates must exhibit exceptional academic credentials and leadership experience.

Additionally, candidates should demonstrate a desire to make a difference by focusing on problems that, over the long run, contribute to a just and sustainable development in their nation.


Some of the scholarships cover living expenses up to SEK 9,000 per month in addition to tuition fees, which are paid by the Swedish Institute directly to the Swedish university/university college.

Family members are not eligible for any further awards. The scholarship period cannot be changed, prolonged past the duration of the study program, or transferred to a different study program than the one for which it was given.

Scholarship awardees from nations who are listed as ODA beneficiaries by the DAC are also given a travel stipend. The sum of 15,000 SEK will be paid out once for the trip grant.


You are ineligible for the Sweden Institute Scholarships, regardless of your citizenship, if you:

  • Have resided in Sweden for a total of at least two years before the scholarship term
  • Possess Swedish or EU/EEA citizenship, a Swedish work permit, or permanent residency status.
  • Previously received a scholarship from the Swedish Institute for undergraduate-level study in a Swedish university or university college.
  • Already possess a degree from a university or institution in Sweden.
  • Presently register for a course of study at a Swedish university or institution.

Final Words

The open environment of Swedish institutions and a strong emphasis on collaborative learning make them unique among other study-abroad destinations. The Swedish educational system prioritizes your academic interests above pressuring you to get a certain grade.


Additionally, Sweden has some of the greatest universities in the world. The Nordic region has a fantastic system that prioritizes group and individual study above lectures. The main principles that encourage the growth of students are freedom and responsibility.

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