Undergraduate Scholarships In Australia For International Students

Have you browsed the internet for Australian undergraduate scholarships for international students? You are in the right spot. This article outlines several illustrious scholarships for foreign students attending Australian universities. Continue to read!

Australia welcomes applications from international students for a range of scholarships. In-depth information regarding the scholarships provided by various Australian universities, their advantages, and the application procedure will all be covered in this article.

Reputable Australian institutions are giving out more than a thousand Australian scholarships to international students for the 2023–2023 academic year. These scholarships cover tuition, living expenses, health insurance, and travel costs in addition to providing a $20,000 monthly stipend (Australian Dollars).

Apply for fully funded scholarships to study at world-class universities such as The University of Sydney, Deakin University, Carnegie Mellon University, The University of Melbourne, Charles Darwin University, Griffith University, and Queensland University, among others.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is in charge of administering Australia Scholarships, which are long-term awards.


According to bilateral and regional agreements, they seek to support the development requirements of Australia’s alliance partners.

People from less privileged countries, especially those in the Indo-Pacific area, are presented with the opportunity to enroll in full-time undergraduate or graduate programs at participating Australian universities and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes.

Through research and study opportunities, Australia Awards Scholarships help people get the skills and knowledge they need to affect change and contribute to national growth.

Benefits of Scholarships

Australia Awards Scholarships are provided for the minimal amount of time required for the recipient to finish the academic program, including any relevant prerequisite training, as defined by the Australian higher education institution. The advantages listed below often apply:

  • Complete tuition costs
  • Return air travel: payment of one-way, economy-class airfare from and to Australia through the shortest route;
  • Establishment allowance: a one-time payment to help with the cost of housing, books, and other study supplies.
  • Contribution to Living Expenses (CLE) is a biweekly payment made at a rate decided by the department toward the cost of basic living.
  • Before beginning formal academic courses, students must complete the mandatory Introductory Academic Program (IAP), which provides information about living and studying in Australia.
  • For the length of the award (for the award recipient alone), Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is offered to cover the scholar’s essential medical expenses (with the exception of pre-existing conditions)
  • English (PCE) pre-course costs, if considered essential Additional academic support may be made available to students for in-country and/or in-Australia training through PCE in order to assure their academic success or to improve their academic experience.
  • For qualifying research students, fieldwork (for research awards and Master’s by coursework with a required research component) may be available for one round-trip economy class flight through the most direct route to their home country of citizenship or within Australia.

Conditions of Scholarships

A contract stating that the applicant will abide by the scholarship’s terms must be signed with the Commonwealth of Australia before they may accept an Australia Awards Scholarship.


After receiving their scholarship, recipients must spend at least two years outside of Australia. If this isn’t done, the scholar will be responsible for paying back the full amount of their scholarship debt.

Here Are Some Undergraduate Scholarships In Australia For International Students

  1. Victoria University Scholarship For International Excellence

Incoming foreign students’ achievements are recognized and honored by the VU International Excellence Scholarship. Students must have academic achievements that exceed the standards for admission to VU in order to be eligible for the scholarship, which is awarded on the basis of academic excellence.

Students are immediately evaluated after submitting an application for an eligible qualification; The scholarship information will appear in your final Letter of Offer if you are chosen for it.


Vocational Education and Training (VET): $700 each semester. The scholarship can be used to offset up to $3,000 in tuition for a two-year VET degree.

For the first two study periods for undergrads, the amount of scholarship given is $3,000. The Scholarship can be used to pay up to $12,000 toward the cost of a four-year degree.

  1. Swinburne University Scholarships

Up to 75% off your tuition costs are available through a variety of scholarships from Swinburne University.

Some scholarships are given out according to your prior academic grades, thus the better your academics, the more money you’ll receive. Other scholarships are given out based on your capacity to fulfill the prerequisites for particular courses.

  1. Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships

All students who are starting their studies are eligible for this grant. Application for scholarships should be made at least one month before you begin your studies at Deakin.

Candidates must:

  • Be a potential overseas student at Deakin University seeking a coursework degree.
  • Be able to enroll in classes at Deakin University
  • Have completed prior studies with an average (or equivalent) of 85%.


50% of your tuition fees or your entire tuition.


* Participation in the Professional Excellence Program of the Vice-Chancellor (VCPEP). As part of the DVCIS scholarship, students will have to take part in this program.

Priority placement for on-campus housing (at own expense and pending availability)

  1. University of Newcastle’s Scholarships

Newcastle’s Academic awards for excellence, recognizing outstanding undergraduate performance.

The following five academic Faculties will administer these scholarships:

  • Business and law schools
  • Arts and Education Faculty
  • Engineering and Built Environment Faculty
  • School of Medicine and Health
  • College of Science


Students advancing from year 1 to year 2, year 2 to year 3, and year 3 to year 4 will be eligible for the awards (in four-year degree programs). They are worth $10,000 apiece and will be given to domestic and foreign students based on academic performance.

  1. Western Sydney Undergraduate International Scholarships

For new overseas students enrolling in Western Sydney University’s undergraduate degree coursework programs in 2023, Western Sydney International is providing $6,000 and $3,000 multi-year scholarships.

All fresh admissions applications are immediately eligible for a scholarship. If you are admitted, your offer of a scholarship will be described in your letter of admission.

Academic excellence in a completed Year 12 certificate or an equivalent that is recognized by Western Sydney University for admission is a requirement for scholarship awards.


A donation of $6,000 per year toward tuition costs (for a maximum of three years) or a contribution of $3,000 per year toward tuition fees (up to three years maximum)

  1. The UNSW Global Academic Award

The UNSW Global Academic Award was created to help high-achieving UNSW Global students pursue undergraduate studies at UNSW. The UNSW Global Academic Award is available to students who successfully finish a UNSW Global Foundation Studies program and wish to continue on to a UNSW bachelor’s degree.


International students who begin their studies at UNSW in Term 1, Term 2, or Term 3 of 2021 are eligible.


$5,000 for one year is the first offer and the second offer is $10,000 over the course of a year.

In the student’s second term of the first academic year, tuition costs will be paid.

  1. Destination Australia Scholarships

The Commonwealth Government provides funding for the Destination Australia Scholarships, which are intended to draw and assist students who want to live and study in regional committees.

Scholarships are only offered for specific courses and locations, and full-time enrollment in classes for at least 20 hours per week is required.



Each scholarship offers $15,000 to cover living and educational expenses for each student enrolled in a year of courses in regional Australia.

  1. Griffith University’s International Student Academic Merit Scholarship

For qualifying students beginning undergraduate and graduate coursework programs, scholarships will be made available.


For the duration of the program, 20% of undergraduate or postgraduate coursework tuition expenses will be covered by the scholarship. By the Griffith University census date of each applicable trimester of the program, each deduction will be applied.

Students must enroll full-time (40CP), unless credit forbids full-time enrollment, and maintain a GPA of at least 5.0 in order to be eligible to earn the scholarship deduction.

  1. University of Southern Queensland’s International Student Support Scholarship

The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) provides scholarships to new overseas students planning to study on-campus in Semesters 1 and 2 of 2023.


Students who desire to begin their coursework online before coming to campus must apply for the on-campus program and be approved through the USQ admissions procedures.

This award is contingent upon fulfilling the program’s admission criteria and passing all required courses.

Applications are accepted from international students for undergraduate and graduate study in all areas of award programs (with the exception of the Bachelor of Nursing).


For the duration of the authorized study program, each scholarship may not exceed 25% of the tuition costs and will be applied as a 25% tuition fee reduction.

(Students are obligated to pay the remaining costs in accordance with the offer letter.)


The scholarship winner must finish all courses with a passing mark in order for the award to be renewed.

Additional Housing/Food Package: This scholarship will also cover the cost of housing on the USQ Toowoomba Residential Colleges for the first semester of on-campus studies in Semesters 1 and 2 of 2021. This scholarship will also include an accommodation and food package for the duration of any self-isolation term that the Australian government imposes on entering travelers in 2021.

  1. Murdoch University’s International Welcome Scholarships

For business and nursing degrees, the International Welcome Scholarship has a maximum value of $12,000, while for all other degrees, it has a maximum value of $11,000.

The scholarship functions as a partial fee reduction, so how much you get is based on how long your course is.


  • You are a full-fee paying, foreign student.
  • You will begin your studies at one of Murdoch’s campuses in Western Australia in the 2023–2026 intakes;
  • You are beginning your Murdoch coursework degree studies (this is a bachelor, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, or masters-by-coursework degree)

Final Words

Prior to applying, ensure that you find out more about eligibility, priority regions, and application procedures, check the opening and closing dates for your nation, and choose it from the list of participating nations.


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