UBA Swift Code For Receiving Adsense Payments In Nigeria

Are you looking for a UBA swift code for receiving Adsense payments in Nigeria? You are in the right place. In this article, we will provide you with the UBA Swift Code you need to receive payments from Google Adsense. Read on to find out more about the UBA swift code.

What Is the UBA Swift Code?

The UBA Swift Code for Nigeria is UNAFNGLA, for those of you who receive Google Adsense payments. In order to receive payments straight into your UBA bank account, be sure to enter this code when setting up your account.

Do I Need a Swift Code to Receive Payments From Adsense?

To get money from Adsense, you do not require a Swift Code. Your money can be sent to any bank in the globe by the Adsense payment team. However, there may be some delays in your payment’s arrival depending on your region and bank.
Here is the Swift Code you need if you wish to receive your Adsense income through UBA: UNAGGNG22

How Do I Get a UBA Bank Account?

To get a UBA bank account, you would need to visit any of the UBA branches nationwide. You would be required to provide some documentation such as a valid means of identification (e.g. driver’s license, international passport, national ID card) and proof of residence (e.g. utility bill, bank statement, lease agreement).

How Do I Find My UBA Swift Code?

To receive your Adsense payments, you will need to provide your UBA Swift Code to Google. This is a unique code that identifies your bank and allows them to transfer money into your account. You can find your UBA Swift Code by contacting your bank.


They will provide you with a code that looks something like this: ZARJA22XXX. You will need to enter this code into the ‘Bank Name’ field on the Adsense payments settings page.

How to Use the UBA Swift Code to Receive Adsense Payments In Nigeria

So now you know the UBA Swift Code for receiving payments from Adsense in Nigeria. All you need to do now is follow these simple steps to start receiving your payments through UBA:
First, open a UBA bank account and ensure that it is linked to your Adsense account. Second, input the UBA Swift Code into the ‘payment instructions’ section of your Adsense account. Finally, you should make sure that your bank account details are correct and up-to-date in your Adsense account, then save your changes.

FAQs on UBA Swift Codes

The most typical queries concerning UBA Swift Codes are listed below:

Q: A UBA Swift Code is what?

A: An international bank identification used to transport payments between banks is called a UBA Swift Code. In essence, it’s a special code that identifies your bank so that the receiving bank knows where to transfer the money.


Q: What makes a UBA Swift Code necessary?

A: Foreign businesses or organizations must include your UBA Swift Code on the money transfer if you wish to accept payments from them. This will guarantee that the money is sent to your account promptly and accurately.

Q: How do I find my UBA Swift Code?
A: Your UBA Swift Code can be found on your bank statement or on the website of your banking institution. If you’re having trouble locating it, please contact your bank’s customer service department for assistance.


In order to receive Adsense payments from UBA bank in Nigeria, you will need to use the UBA Swift Code to receive Adsense payments in Nigeria. This swift code will ensure that your payments are processed quickly and efficiently.

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