UBA Swift Code For International Wire Transfer

This page features UBA Swift Code for international wire transfer and how to use it. Read on!

You can always send and receive a bank wire transfer from any foreign country into your UBA bank account if you know the appropriate UBA bank SWIFT code to use.

So, if you are a UBA customer we will show you in this post how you will send and receive funds into and from your UBA Bank account internationally using SWIFT code and BIC.

Basically, with UBA bank SWIFT code you can easily send and transfer money (fund) from foreign banks into different local bank accounts. It really does not matter the foreign companies the fund is being sent from; it can be from United Kingdom, United States of America, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Germany and other countries you wish to send from through your UBA bank SWIFT code.

Without SWIFT code no international transaction will take place because SWIFT  is what provide available network that will give the information to  financial institutions globally to send and receive information about financial transactions in a suitable, safe, standard and reliable environment.


Then You May Ask:

What Is The Term SWIFT And BIC?

BIC is an acronym which means Bank Identifier Code.

SWIFT is equally an acronym that stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications.

Without these codes safe transactions will be out of use globally.

These acronyms SWIFT and BIC are being used due to the fact that both terms are actually very long.


How Does Swift Code Work?

There is no other way the SWIFT code works rather than this: an individual who wants to make money transfer will go into the bank with the recipient’s SWIFT code along with international account number of the recipient.

Thereafter the local bank which you bank with will then send a SWIFT message to the recipient’s Bank as a request to accept the transfer being made.

Now that you have known how SWIFT code works let me show UBA SWIFT code in detail.


All UBA branches use UNAFNGLA as SWIFT Code.  This code is a valid code for all UBA Branches only.

Details of UBA SWIFT Code is as follow;


Company Name: United Bank For Africa Plc.


Headquarters: 57 Marina, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Official Website: https://www.ubagroup.com

Institution type: Bank


Information to note

In some cases you may need to go along with other vital documents because you may be requested to provide other information, depending on the currency and the country you’ll transfer your funds in.

All banks request for intermediary bank name in order to complete any foreign transactions.

In Summary

Most times when people search for SWIFT code, they search for swift code for UBA bank branch near them, particularly the bank branch they opened account with. Know now that irrespective of where you are in Nigeria, whether Lagos, Abuja, Delta, Sokoto and other places in Nigeria, the SWIFT code for UBA is the same.

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