UBA Loan Code For Salary Earners

Are you a salary earner? Do you need UBA Loan code to borrow money for a project or to meet some other pressing need? This article is for you, it features the UBA loan code for salary earners, which you can use to borrow money from United Bank for Africa (UBA).

UBA is one of the leading banks in Nigeria with a wide range of products and services, including loans, to meet the needs of its customers. Let’s take a look at why you should consider borrowing from UBA and how to go about it.

Why Choose UBA Loans?

UBA offers a variety of loans for salary earners, with something to suit every need. Whether you’re looking for a short-term loan to cover unexpected expenses or a longer-term loan to finance a major purchase, UBA has you covered.

What’s more, UBA offers competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms, so you can tailor your loan to suit your budget. Plus, there’s no need for collateral, so you can get started on your loan application right away.

So why wait? If you’re a salary earner in need of a loan, UBA is a perfect choice.


What Services Do UBA Loans Offer?

UBA Loans offer a variety of services to salary earners, including personal overdrafts, Asset Finance, Personal loans, Cooperate loans, Cash Collaterised loans, and car loans.

They also offer loans for small businesses and startups. UBA Loans are easy to apply for and offer competitive interest rates.

How Do I Apply for UBA Loans?

To apply for UBA Loans, simply dial *919*28#, then follow the prompt command.

Alternatively, you can apply for UBA Loan, using the following method:

– Visit www.ubagroup.com/nigeria/loans-payments/ on their official website. You may get a copy of the particular loan application form you’re interested in from the website.


– As instructed on the website, complete the form and any other necessary papers.

– Send your submission to the branch’s customer service representative.

– If you are unable to download it, you may alternatively acquire the loan form from the customer care representative.

UBA Loan Repayment

Only 5% of the loaned money must be repaid each 30 days when your income is received for a period of 6 months or depending on your loan tenure. The money is deducted from your account automatically.

UBA Loans Requirements

In order to qualify for a UBA loan as a salary earner, you will need to meet the following requirements:


– You must be a salary employee of a company that is a UBA customer

– You must have been employed by your current employer for at least 6 months

– Your monthly salary must be paid into your UBA account

– You must have a good credit history


UBA loans offer a number of advantages for salary earners, including competitive interest rates, a wide variety of loan products, and flexible repayment options. Applying for a UBA loan is simple and can be done online or in person at any UBA branch.


So if you’re looking for a loan and want to take advantage of all that UBA has to offer, be sure to use their loan code for salary earners. With this code, you’ll be able to get the best rates and terms available.

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