Top 20 Online Doctoral Programs Without Dissertations – The Cheapest And Fastest Ones In 2023

Are you searching for online doctoral programs without dissertations? You’re at the right place. This article features the top 20 cheapest online doctoral programs you can do without a dissertation. Read on!

An online degree is an academic degree (usually a college or university degree) that can be earned entirely through virtual learning, this involves the use of an Internet-connected computer, rather than attending university or college in a traditional campus setting.

With the means of modern-day technology, the use of the Internet worldwide is rapidly increasing, and the need for people to have school schedules that will enable them to work and learn at the same time has led to a proliferation of online colleges and universities that award doctoral degrees.

Are Online Doctoral Programs / Degrees Worth It?

In the U.S., online colleges and universities that are fully accredited have earned a broadly recognized form of college or university accreditation from either one of the six United States accreditation boards, or one of the four United States faith-based accreditation boards.

The United States comprises six geographic regions, each having one regional accreditation board, a non-governmental agency that supervises and accredits degree awarding institutions headquartered in their areas.


Outside of the U.S., other regional and national standards of accreditation hold, and may be in support of distance education. For example, the Open University of Catalonia has been accredited by AQU since its inception in 1995.

The accreditation has been called a “significant success story” because it is “the world’s first sustainable and continuous, virtual university.” Likewise, in Ireland, the Higher-Education and Training Awards Council has accredited a lot of online universities and colleges (e.g. Setanta College).

Most online universities and colleges offer doctoral degree programs. A doctoral degree is an academic degree awarded by colleges and universities

In most parts of the world, a doctoral degree qualifies the holder to lecture at the university level in the degree’s field or work in a specific profession. There are a lot of doctoral degrees; the most common is the PhD which means “Doctor of Philosophy”, awarded in many different fields.

Top 20 Cheapest Online Doctoral Programs Without Dissertation

Previously, almost all doctoral programs requires students to write a dissertation.


Now, a lot of universities and colleges offer doctoral students an alternative to the dissertation process instead of spending many years working on a dissertation: a capstone project.

Here’s a list of doctoral programs you can do online from any location and it doesn’t require a dissertation. Instead, you complete a doctoral study project or a capstone project.

  1. Doctor of Education in Learning & Organizational Change

This doctoral program focuses on educational leadership, and it’s offered by Baylor University and awards a Doctor of Education after completion of the study. The goal of this doctoral program is to assist doctoral students to apprehend how to manage organizational change using the processes of learning and teaching.

  1. Doctor of Nursing Practice

This doctoral program is offered by Bradley University, this online DNP program is a top option in terms of the cheapest and easiest doctorate to get.

Bradley University has 3 different doctoral program tracks to make it easier for students: Family Nursing Program, Leadership Nursing Program and Psychiatrist Mental Health and Nursing Program.

  1. Doctor of Criminal Justice

This doctoral program is offered by Northcentral University, the program is likely to come up in a search of, “what is the easiest and cheapest doctorate degree you can get?” There are a lot of reasons for this.

One of the reasons is that the entire program can be done online. There is no need for residency requirement and no on-campus visits are required.

  1. Doctor of Business Administration

This program is offered solely online by Walden University.

One of the main features of this program is that students can choose several options to customize their learning experience.

  1. Doctor of Physical Therapy

If you wish to continue your higher education in this program, Arcadia University’s online Doctor of Physical Therapy program is the best option for you.


Although this program is not completely online, most of the work is conducted remotely. Over the course of 6 semesters, you must have completed 110 credit hours of study.

  1. Doctor of Education in Curriculum & Instruction

This program is offered by the University of Wyoming, the program is offered 100% online. As part of your studies in this EDd program, you will take different courses related to curriculum design and instructional practice.

  1. Doctor of Leadership

This is a project-focused doctoral program, so it does not require a dissertation process. Instead, you’ll be required to complete a final capstone project. The purpose of a capstone project is to show your ability and whether you are competent enough to use data to inform your decision-making process.

The online Doctor of Leadership degree program is offered by Andrews University.

  1. Doctor of Public Administration

Northcentral University’s online Doctor of Public Administration degree is among the best doctoral programs for working adults. That’s because this doctoral degree is 100% online and is created in a way it supports one on one learning format.

  1. Doctor of Health Administration

This program is offered by Capella university and it includes multiple areas of speciality as follows; General Health Administration, Health Care Leadership, Health Care Quality & Analytics and Health Policy & Advocacy.

  1. Doctor of Health

This online program is offered by the University of South Florida, and it is a widely based program that focuses on training in the public health space and advanced technology.

  1. Doctor of Education in Policy & Leadership

This program is offered by the American University and it’s focused on assisting students to develop the skills needed to become change-maker and leaders in the educational system.

  1. Doctor of Psychology

The Doctor of Psychology program is offered by Southern California University and it’s designed to assist students that already have a bachelor’s degree to extend their studies and develop a higher level of skills related to clinical practice.

  1. Doctor of Education in Leadership for Educational Equity

This program is offered by the University of Colorado at Denver, the program is strictly cohort-based, meaning you’ll have to study with the same group of students all through your course of study.

  1. Doctor of Business Administration in Financial Management

The program is offered by Northcentral University and it’s focused on building skills related to financial management.

  1. Doctor of Social Work

The doctor of the social work program is offered by the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and it’s a specialized program that focuses on leadership and clinical practices.

  1. Occupational Therapy Doctorate

This program is offered by Quinnipiac university and it’s designed to enable students to bring their past experiences as occupational therapists to the virtual classroom where they can blend them with new professional knowledge, skills development, and opportunities to learn from other professionals.

  1. Doctor In Developmental Psychology

This program is offered by Walden University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, they offer one of the best developmental psychology programs because it is completely online.

  1. Doctor of Counselor Education & Supervision

This program is offered by Liberty University, the program focuses on students who have already obtained a degree in counsellor education and supervision.

  1. Doctor of Educational Management

Hampton University which is located in Virginia offers easy online doctorate degree programs such as PhD in Educational Management. The program is done 100% online.

  1. Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

Gwynedd Mercy University which is located in Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania offers a flexible, accelerated Executive Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership. The program is 100% online.

Final Words

Online education allows people living with physical disabilities, military personnel, full-time employees, those living abroad, and stay-at-home parents, among others, to have access to accredited higher education.

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