Top 10 Real Estate Schools Online | 2023

In this guide, I will show you top 10 Real Estate Schools Online. If you are interested in getting a degree in Real Estate online, you should ensure you read this post to the end.

Simply put, Real Estate consist of properties such as land, the natural resources on it (such as water, mineral, crops) and the buildings fences, bridges on it. It is about land and the permanent man-made or natural improvements attached to it.

There are 3 types of Real Estate, and they are Commercial Real Estate, Industrial Real Estate and Residential Real Estate.

The main goal of Real Estate school it to train its students to become real estate brokers and agents in the future. Real Estate schools equip them with the needed knowledge and expertise for the job.  Time management, property valuation, best methods for selling properties, close deals and so on are some of the things learnt in real estate schools.

A Real Estate School’s topics will cover Real Estate Principles, Legal aspect of real estate, Real estate industry services, and the Ethical matters of Real Estate.


In most cases, a college degree may not be regarded to become a real estate agent. An associate bachelor’s degree may just be more than sufficient, as long as it is a related field such as Business, Finance, Economics and so on.

However, attending a real estate school can offer a whole lot of benefit if you plan to become a real estate agent.

Why You Should Choose To Study Real Estate Online

Some of the benefits include but not limited to;

  • You can get your license more quickly
  • Understand effectively the relationship between marketing and sales
  • Be able to stay up to date with the latest information’s in the field
  • Opens door for a lot of networking
  • another certification added to your bank of knowledge and qualifications

These are a few of the advantages offered by attending a real estate school. If you are planning on becoming a real estate agent, then it is strongly advisable that you attend a real estate school, as the benefits it offers are too good to ignore.

Like many disciplines of the day, Real Estate course can be taken online, so no need of being on a physical campus.


Best 10 Real Estate Schools Online

Here we have made a list of the 10 best Online Real estate schools available, discussing briefly what makes each unique. You can easily select from the list and get prepared launch your way into the real estate field.

  • Kaplan

Kaplan Real Estate Education is considered the country’s premier real estate school. The school understands very well the needs of its students as many of its instructors are practicing professionals in the real estate field.  Its services includes real estate licensing and continuing education courses.

Kaplan offers online classes apart from its traditional live classroom courses. Its schedules are flexible and the courses selection wide. Students have 6 months to complete their course at Kaplan.

Courses offered at Kaplan includes;

  1. Appraisal Licensing and Continue Education
  2. Real Estate Licensing and Continue Education
  3. Home Inspection Training
  4.  Contractor Licensing and continue education.

Costs at Kaplan stands at over $299.

  • Real Estate Express

Real Estate express course offers are comprehensive and affordable. It also offers accredited pre-license courses.

If affordability is a major concern in your selection of a real estate school, then Real Estate Express may be a great choice. Fees are around over $199 and the school is certified by IDECC and ARELLO. Student pass rate is 61.5%.

Time of completion of courses at Real Estate Express depended on the qualification. It ranges from between 10 hours to 9 months

  • 360 Training

360 Training offers one of the best prices around, as a full pre-licensing course at the school cost as low as around $119. The course is available in 10 states and there is no need taking an exam prep course. The schools study packages are designed such that you will be able to study on your own.

360 Training may be the best option for you if you are the type that like studying independently.

  • Aceable Agent

This real estate school has a 78.04% student pass rate at the real estate license exams. If student pass rate is the considered factor you are considering the most in choosing a real estate school, then Aceable Agent is your best bet. Contents are delivered via multiple interactive formats. The school is approved in Texas, Michigan, California, Georgia, and Virginia.

  • The CE Shop

The CE Shop is acknowledged I many quarters as the best real estate school online. This is due to factors such as high student pass rate (81%), updated course materials, and approval in many US states, 24 at the last count.

The course materials are planned in detail. Also, you get to interact well with fellow students and instructors, get the best real estate license exam prep test.

Individual course at The CE shop costs as low as $15, and there is also space for a refund at some points. They also offer pre-licensing courses free trial. The school is accredited by ARELLO.

  • Mbition

Mbition has approval base that far beats many other online real estate schools, being approved in over 40 states. Its student pass rate is at 65% which is still well higher than the industry average.


Mbition’s life virtual study programs afford its students the opportunity to study with other students in a live virtual environment. It also provide basic and premium package options and allows for spreading payments.

The school is accredited by IDECC and ARELLO. Fee stands around $129 plus. If you desire a school with best in test prep, then Mbition is the best choice.

  • Center for Realtor Development

If you are already licensed real estate professional but would like to take niche market designations and certifications in an attempt to further your career, then Center for Realtor Development is your good option.

The school offer courses such as Green Real Estate and Real Estate Technology. Center for Realtor Development is approved by the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Cost at this school is over $130, and added to that is the payment of the $150 annual NAR membership fee. This may vary depending on courses range in price.

  • Cooke Real Estate School

Cooke Real estate school has Continue education classes that are far robust than its licensing courses.

For those interested, the school also offers courses in community association management and home inspection. Its package cost begins at $279, and access to Cooke’s Real Estate schools materials is 6 months.

  • Real EstateU

  • Rockwell Institute

Final Words On The Top Real Estate Schools Online

All the online real estate schools that made the list in this piece as surely the best among the rest. Your selection of any among them is based on which of the positive factors that stand out in them you are considering the most in your choice.

The ball is in your court now. Make a selection. And please share this piece to let others learn.

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