Top 10 Online RN To BSN Programs 2023

In this article we’ll be discussing top 10 online RN to BSN programs for distance learning or online study.

Are you an RN and would like to move forward by getting a Nursing Degree?  Would you prefer if the program is online based? Would you like to choose from the best options available?

This piece will supply answers to all these questions.

About RN

An RN means a Registered Nurse. It normally refer to those with an associate degree or a diploma in nursing, someone who has completed a nursing program with all country, state, or province outlined requirements met, and has been licensed.

In various settings, such as prisons, nursing homes, schools, hospitals, memory care facilities and so on, RNs provide hands-on care. Basic care provision, daily patient daily activities management, safety controls are all functions carried out by RNs.


What Is A BSN?

BSN means Bachelor of Science in Nursing. In some countries, it is called Bachelor of Nursing or Bachelor of Science with a major in Nursing. It is academic degree in Nursing principles and science granted by a tertiary institution that is accredited.

Difference Between RN And BSN

So how is BSN different from RN? The major difference between the two is that while RN is a job title, or licensure, BSN is an educational academic degree.

Benefits Of Obtaining A BSN

  • Obtaining a BSN is an achievement that RNs commonly want to work towards as it offer a lot of benefits. Some of the benefits include;
  • A BSN holder gets access better more quality type of jobs
  • With a BSN, you are qualified to proceed further in your academic pursuit in the field. You can easily apply to have your MSN
  • With a BSN, further opportunities to specialize are opened for you. Some of the areas you can specialize includes but not limited to; Critical Care Nursing, RE Nursing, Cardiac Nursing, Geriatric Nursing, Public Health Nursing, and so on
  • BSN positions you to make more money
  • Better job outcomes is one of the features that have been linked to nurses that are BSN prepared.
  • Process advancement and High level of job security are part of the benefits enjoyed by a BSN nursing holder
  • Opportunity to practice in diverse healthcare settings

With all these benefits, having a BSN is something an RN puts under serious consideration. However, some could not proceed with it due to some perceived obstacles.

Being on campus full time is not something they can be available for, and neither is it convenient for them in anyway. A virtual BSN program would suit them better.

If you are one of the people in this category, then you are in the place where you will get your solution. The solution to the issue is to have a BSN degree online.


Benefits Of Online BSN Programs

Online BSN degrees offers quite a lot of benefits, many of them too good to ignore. So what are the benefits of Online BSN? Here we go, let’s see them

Online BSNs create a quote interactive learning experience,

BSN programs offered online creates room for convenience and flexibility. You can easily arrange your course loads in a way that it doesn’t disturb your work schedules.

Having your BSN online can open doors for more career opportunities for you, as you have the chance to grow your work experience even while studying for the Nursing degree.

Online BSN saves cost, and time. No need of you travelling around or getting a room or stuffs like that.


Many online BSNs are designed with consideration for the bust working nurse greatly in mind. So if you are one of these, then you have found a suitable academic progress program ladder with Online BSN.

Top 10 Online RN To BSN Programs

Having decided to obtain your BSN, and chosen online study as the right option, would you like to know the best RN to BSN programs online in USA that you can select from?

Here, I’m going to give you a list of 10 of the very best, and it is guaranteed you will not have an ounce of regret selecting any of this 10 options:

  • The University of Oklahoma

In 2019, University of Oklahoma’s BSN was named as the best in the Nation by Best College Reviews. It is a quite flexible program that can be completed on a part time basis for working nurses. Tuition cost is $34,058 and the program can be completed in as little as nine months. It is accredited by the CCNE.

  • California University of Pennsylvania

California University of Pennsylvania RN to BSN is available for both part time and full time students. The program includes a sixteen week course and 2 8 week courses. Average net price for the program is around $18,264, and it has an 18:1 student to faculty ratio.

  • Chamberlain University

There is no mandatory login for classes at Chamberlain University, and its RN to BSN courses are 100% online. The learning pace is student determined as the program is asynchronous, making it a greatly ideal choice for a working nurse. It is CCNE accredited and tuition is $590 per credit hour.

  • South Dakota State University

The South Dakota State University runs an online RN to BSN program structure that can be described as innovative, flexible, and agile. Courses are seven weeks with each course offered multiple times in a year. Residency requirements are not needed.

Like the Chamberlain University program, South Dakota online RN to BSN is also designed in a way that students can finish in their own pace. Price is around $18,195 per year and overall graduation rate stands at 56%. Student to faculty ratio is 17:1.

  • Florida International University, Miami

Another good choice for an online RN to BSN program. Graduation rate overall is 63%, and fees stand around $9,888. Full time and part time programs are available, and students can start at the beginning of any semester.

Some of its nursing courses includes; mental nursing, maternal and child nursing, nursing in global healthcare systems and so on. The BSN can be obtained in just 3 semesters. Student to faculty ration is 27:1

  • George Washington University (GWU)

Tuition for GWU online RN to BSN is $680 per credit hour. It has special funding for veterans and military, and is accredited by the CCNE.

The program is entirely online and consist of 36 credit which is normally completed in 15 months approximately. WGU is another great choice for and online RN to BSN, and if you are someone who is qualify to utilize the military or veteran benefit advantage, then GWU is the right choice for you.

  • The University of Alabama
  • Capela University
  • Ohio University
  • Grand Canyon University

In Summary

These are the ten of the very best Online RN to BSN programs in the US. Any of the options on this list selected is a good path taken. Make your choice and please don’t forget to share this so others can choose right too.

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