Top 10 Loan Apps That Work With Chime

In this article, I will show you top 10 loan apps that work with Chime in United States.

The question of if Chime is a bank is a debate that has been on in many circles for a while. Well, if by Chime being a bank, you are talking of it offering normal local banking structures and services, then the answer is no. However, if you are talking of banking with technology, a sort of mobile banking thing, then the answer is yes.

An online Fintech Company which offers debit card service with deposit account that is full featured, Chime offers free banking service online through their mobile app.

Chris Britt and Ryan King seeking an alternative to traditional banking services, founded Chime in San Francisco in 2013, before launching it publicly on the Dr Phil show on the 15th of April 2014. Fast forward to 2021, and Chime’s net worth is $25 billion, employee is over 1350 with over 13 million customers.

Saving accounts and Checking accounts with debit card and direct deposit can be opened for free with Chime. The company does this by partnering with 2 banks, Bancourpe Bank and Stride Bank. Chime’s bank account are full service ones which allows for deposit check and money transfer.


10 Loan Apps That Work With Chime

Cash advance apps are apps that allows money that you have earned already to be deposited in your account before payday. It is like a sort of a short term loan obtained against a salary.

There are loan apps (cash advance apps) that allow users to link Chime accounts to access cash advance features. Here we take a look at 10 of them that are ranked at the top of the pile.

  • Cleo App

Apart from tracking spending, Cleo also does the budgeting task. It gives a cash advance without fees and gets the payback on payday as it has access to the user’s bank account.

  • Dave App

Up to $10 can be received from this app, no credit checks, interest rate fees, or other fees. Like Cleo, it also tracks spending and is available for android and iOS.

  • Empower

Like Cleo, it helps in budget building and spending tracking, it also set aside savings automatically. There there is the Empower card which can be used at selected merchant with a cashback reward of 10%.

  • MoneyLion

It’s a mobile banking app with cash advance feature called Instacash as one of its packages. Limit of the cash advance can reach as much as $250, dependent on the direct deposit size.

  • Varo

Like moneylion, it is also a Mobile banking platform. It offers features that are similar to those of Chimes. You can get up to $100 cash advance on Varo if the account is 30 days old and active

  • Albert

Gives as much as $100 cash advance, Albert analyze spending and income habits while making budget and savings recommendations.

  • DailyPay

Charges $1.99 for transferring wages to different bank a day after the money is earned, Daily pay is another cash advance app that has gained ground well in the last few years.

Others are:

  • Tapcheck

  • Even

  • PayActiv

These are ten of the cash advance apps that works with Chime. Feel free to make your choice from any of this as a Chime user with eye on cash advance service.

Final Words On Loan Apps That Work With Chime

I hope you find this information on top 10 loan apps that work with Chime useful. Don’t forget to share this piece so others can benefit. Also read other similar articles recommended for you below.

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