The Transfer Code for Union Bank And How To Register, Activate And Transfer Money With It

If you are a Union Bank customer and you want to know more about the Transfer code for Union Bank, this is your article.

All banks, in recent times, have their transfer codes that enable their customers to carry out seamless transactions. So does Union Bank of Nigeria PLC.

Union Bank is a commercial banking institution that is well known for bringing fast and simple solutions to improve the quality of life of its customers.


And as long as they keep giving those solutions which improve customer satisfaction, they will stay on top of the relevance ladder.

What Is The Transfer Code For Union Bank?

This is a set of numbers that allows every customer to perform a wide range of banking services at the convenience of their home, office, and school at any time of the day.

What that should tell you is that customers do not have to go to the bank or even the ATM to transfer money, pay bills or even open an account. They can simply do all those and more with their mobile phones.


Unlike the internet and mobile banking that require an internet connection, the transfer code does not require a data connection, it can be used on any phone.

The transfer USSD code for Union Bank is *826#.

Features And Benefits

  • It allows for faster transactions.
  • It is efficient for emergencies.
  • It can be accessed all 24 hours of the day and every day of the week.
  • You can purchase airtime and data for yourself and others.
  • You can pay bills and TV subscriptions.
  • You can generate a PIN and code for cardless withdrawals.
  • Request balance, debit card, and locate a nearby union branch.
  • Perform security actions such as blocking a debit card or an account number

How To Register And Activate Union Bank Code For Transfer

The enrollment is free and easy with only a few steps.


Importantly, you must be a customer of union bank and have the phone number linked to the account to register or use this service.

  1. Dial *826*5#
  2. Follow screen prompts. Input your ATM card number and bank account number.
  3. Create a four-digit pin to authenticate your transaction.
  4. Complete the activation process as guided by the instructions on your screen.

How To Carry Out Intrabank Transfers (Union Bank to Union Bank)

To transfer to a Union Bank customer, simply do this:

  • Dial *826*1*Amount*Account number#
  • Confirm the account number and name that would be displayed.
  • Input your USSD PIN.

This is completely free and does not attract any charges.


How To Carry Out Interbank Transfers (Union Bank to Other Banks)

To transfer to an account domiciled in any other bank like GT bank or First bank.

  • Simply dial *826*2*Amount*Account number#
  • Confirm the recipient’s name and account number
  • Enter your PIN

You will be charged a fee of N52.5k on every fund transfer made.

Are There Limits To Your Transactions With The Transfer Code?

You have a daily cumulative transfer limit of N200,000 and a daily airtime purchase limit of N20,000.


However, this limit can be increased by dialing *826*8#.

Final Words On Union Bank Transfer Code

The transfer code for Union Bank aims at bringing a simple, easy, and convenient means of banking everywhere you go.

I hope this article was a huge help to you. Also check out other similar articles below.


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