The Transfer Code For UBA And How To Use It

In this article, I will show you the Transfer code for UBA and how to use it to send money to any bank account in Nigeria. Read on to find the essential details you require on its features and simple operations.

The top-tier bank is known for its excellent service and provision of convenient banking operations, one of which is the UBA USSD banking, also known as Magic banking.

What Is UBA Transfer Code?

The Transfer Code for UBA is *919#. For the ease and convenience it provides, it is also called the UBA Magic mobile banking code.

The code provides access to simple banking services as fast as you need it and as easy as dialing a number on your mobile phone.

Features And Benefits Of The Code

The USSD code works on all phone types and does not require mobile data; that alone is an advantage over the mobile and internet banking platforms.


You can perform a variety of services that you would normally walk into a bank for, some of them are:

  • Easy account opening (*919*20)
  • Fund transfer
  • Airtime and data purchase (*919*phone number*amount#)
  • Bill payments
  • Account Balance request (*919*00#)
  • Cardless withdrawals (*919*30*Amount#)
  • Prepaid card reloading (*919*32#)
  • Flight bookings (*919*12#)

Registration And Activation Requirements

Registration for the magic banking code requires the following details:

  • A phone number registered with your UBA account
  • A mobile device
  • The last 4 digits of your ATM card number or your BVN.
  • UBA account number.

How To Register And Activate UBA Transfer Code

If you possess all the above requirements, then you can follow the steps below:

  • Dial *919#
  • A welcome message will appear on your screen.
  • Select option 1 to sign up.
  • Choose between registration with your account number or your UBA card.
  • Enter your account number or your prepaid card number.
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your ATM card or your BVN.
  • Create PIN
  • Confirm PIN
  • And a message will be sent to you signifying the success of your registration.

If you lost the phone number registered with to account, you can always walk into the bank to change the phone numbers linked to your account.

How To Perform Intrabank Transfers (UBA To UBA)

Performing fund transfers can be as simple as dialing a string of numbers. To do that, follow the guidelines below:

  • Dial *919*3*Account number*Amount#
  • The receiver’s name will be displayed and you can choose to continue if the details are correct.
  • Input your PIN
  • Your transaction is completed.

How To Perform Interbank Transfers (UBA To Other Banks)

Interbank transfers are also easy and you do not really need to know rocket science. Follow the set of instructions below to send money from your UBA account to other bank accounts in Nigeria:

  • Dial *919*4*Account number*Amount#
  • Select the beneficiary bank
  • The receiver’s name will be displayed and you can choose to continue if the details are correct.
  • Input your PIN
  • Your transaction is completed.

Note that for a daily transfer more than N20,000, you need to obtain a secure pass or a token. This allows you to transfer funds of up to N1 million.


The processes to registering on and transferring money with the USSD code are so simple as I have revealed here. I hope this guide was helpful as thorough enough.

Until next time, enjoy this information on the Transfer code for UBA.

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