The Transfer Code for Polaris Bank And How To Register, Activate And Transfer Money With It

Have you been searching for the transfer code for Polaris Bank? You have come to the right place.

This article is completely dedicated to bringing you accurate information on the transfer code for Polaris Bank as well as how to perform basic transactions on it.

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We have all been in situations where we wished that our banks were just across the street from us. We could easily walk in at the start of the banking day and as quickly as an emergency demands.

But we don’t always have that privilege.

Most of us have had to spend time and cash to find the nearest branch and we meet the whole city gathered at the gates or the ATM and our entire day is given to the bank.


The inconveniences and time it takes for basic transactions can be too much to bear.

And like me, we have been looking for simpler banking solutions. Polaris Bank has thought of the same and to bring ease to their customers, they launched the transfer code.

What is the Transfer Code for Polaris Bank?

The Polaris Bank transfer code or Smart banking code is *833#.


The transfer code is a set of numbers configured to bring banking services to your mobile phone.

With it, you can perform a variety of banking operations regardless of the time and your location. One of the best things about it is that it works on all phones, androids, iPhones, and feature phones.

What Are The Features Of The Polaris Smart Banking Code?

  • It is time and cost-effective.
  • It works on all devices.
  • It is fast and smart.
  • The transactions are secure, as long as you are not careless with your security details.
  • You can use as many Polaris bank accounts on your profile.
  • You can open a Polaris bank account by simply dialing *833*1#
  • Purchase airtime by dialing *833*amount# for yourself and *833*amount*phone number# for others.
  • Check your account balance using *833*6#
  • Hotlist your card (*833*4#)
  • Pay utility bills and TV subscription (*833*2#)

How To Register And Activate The Transfer Code For Polaris

The registration process can be easily done on your phone. You do not need to visit the bank or fill any form.

  • Dial *833#
  • Follow the prompts that appear on your phone and ensure you provide accurate details.
  • Create your preferred USSD PIN
  • Your balance will be displayed to signify that you have had a successful registration.

How To Make Transfers With The Polaris Bank Transfer Code

Method 1

  • Dial *833*Amount*Account Number#
  • Select the beneficiary bank.
  • Confirm the accuracy of the account name.
  • Select which of your accounts you want to transfer from.
  • Enter your PIN and if successful, a notification is sent to you.

Method 2

  • Dial *833# and select option 3 (Transfers) or Dial *833*3#
  • Select the account to debit
  • Select recipient’s bank.
  • Enter the recipient’s account number.
  • Confirm the account name.
  • Enter the amount to be transferred
  • Enter your Pin and a success message is sent to you.

Polaris Bank Transfer Limit

You have a daily limit of N50,000 for transfers and N5,000 daily airtime purchases.

Please note that your network provider charges N1 for every 20 seconds of activity. That is N3 per minute.

In Conclusion

The USSD code is a cost-effective and easy way to carry out banking operations.


I hope this article on the transfer code for Polaris bank helped. Also read other similar articles below.

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