The Transfer Code for Keystone Bank And How To Register, Activate And Transfer Money With It

This article is dedicated to bringing you the simplest way to transfer funds and perform banking transactions on your phone using the Transfer Code for Keystone Bank. Read on!

What is the Transfer Code for Keystone Bank?

The transfer Code is a quick, secure and easy way for all Keystone Bank customers to perform banking operations at their convenience.

For the single fact that it does not require internet connection, the transfer code can be used on any mobile phone.


Features and Benefits of Keystone USSD

  • It is a secure way of banking.
  • You can transfer funds of up to N100,000 to accounts in any commercial bank in Nigeria.
  • This service is available at any time of the day and any day of the week.
  • This service can work on all types of mobile phones.

Who is Eligible for this Service?

Customers who are individual account holders are eligible for this service and have their mobile numbers linked with their bank account.

For those who are multiple account holders, the service is automated to link all your retail accounts and you can decide from which account a transaction would-be performed

Services available on Keystone Transfer Code

  • Account balance – *7111*00#
  • Recharge your phone – *7111*amount#
  • Recharge others – *7111*amount*phone number#
  • Mobile data – *7111*5#
  • Activate debit card – *7111*9*123#
  • BVN – *7111*6#
  • Panic code – *7111*911#

How to register for Keystone USSD code

Registration can be done on your mobile phone and it only takes a few minutes.


First Method

  • Dial *7111#
  • Attempt to perform a transaction.
  • You will be prompted to register.
  • Select the ‘register’ option
  • Input your account number
  • Input your year of birth
  • Create your transaction PIN

Second Method

  • Dial *7111*0#
  • Select the ‘register’ option
  • Input your account number
  • Input your year of birth
  • Create your transaction PIN

How to transfer funds with the transfer code for Keystone Bank

It only takes a minute or two to transfer funds to accounts in Keystone Bank as other commercial banks.

  • Dial *7111* Amount* Account Number#. For example; *7111* 12,000*1234567890# to transfer N12,000. This works for both intra and inter bank transfers.
  • A list of a few banks will be displayed on the screen. Select the bank of the person you are transferring money to.
  • Confirm the account name of the recipient that would be displayed to you.
  • Enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

Keystone Bank Transfer Charges

Keystone Bank transfer charges range from as low as 30 naira to 60 naira. 

Intrabank transfers attract a smaller fee, while interbank transfers get a higher charge.


Keystone Bank Transfer limits

Using the quick code, the maximum amount to transfer in a single transaction is N20,000, with a daily transfer of N100,000.

Any transaction Bive N100,000 will require you to move to the banking hall for guidance and assistance.

Remember to always keep your transaction PIN secret in order to protect your details and cash.


In Conclusion

Keystone Bank has provided a means for easy and convenient transactions to every customer with an individual account. If you’re a Keystone customer, do not miss out on using this transfer code for Keystone Bank.

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