The Transfer Code For First Bank of Nigeria And How To Use It

Are you looking for accurate information on the Transfer Code for First Bank of Nigeria?

Then I must welcome you to the right place and advise that you read carefully as we explore the benefits, features, and some transactions available on the First Bank USSD code.

Imagine 2,000 people trying to carry out banking transactions in a branch of First bank in one day.


Imagine yourself among those 2,000 persons vying for space, seeking the attention of the banking staff, and trying to save your time for other important activities.

I mean, it is a whole lot of stress. Now, to remove the stress off the backs of their customers, First Bank has a quick, convenient, and secure means of carrying out transactions – the USSD code.

With it, your banking services can be accessed as simply as dialing a few codes on your mobile phone.


What Is The Transfer Code For First Bank?

The USSD code for First Bank is *894#. These few numbers give you the power to bank anywhere and anytime.

It can be accessed with any type of phone and does not need an internet data connection.

It allows you access to 2 banking options:

  1. Quick Banking
  2. First Monie for all wallet based transactions

Who Are Those Eligible For This Service?

Any First bank customer having individual accounts and a mobile phone number registered with their bank account and a linked debit card is qualified for this service.

However, all those with joint, corporate, and multiple signatory accounts will be unable to use this service.

Benefits And Features Of The Transfer Code

  • Carry out quick and Secure transactions
  • Bank any day and any time.
  • Purchase airtime for you and your family or friend
  • Request account statement
  • Check account balance
  • Pay utility bills and TV subscriptions.
  • Transfer funds to accounts in First bank or other commercial banks.

How To Register For The First Bank USSD Code

It is so easy a registration process that you do not need to visit the bank, fill a form or pay a fee to register for the First Bank transfer code.


You are simply required to follow these steps:

  1. Dial *894*0#.
  2. A list of masked debit card(s) linked to your account is displayed.
  3. Choose the card you want to register with.
  4. Enter the PIN for the card.
  5. Create a USSD 4-digit transaction PIN and you are good to go.

How To Transfer Money With First Bank Code

It is good news to know that you do not need an ATM or internet data to transfer money. You can easily get it done with your mobile phone.

So how do you transfer? Follow these steps:

  • Dial *894*Amount*Account number#
  • Select the beneficiary bank from the list of banks shown to you.
  • Confirm the details to make sure the account name displayed is indeed the intended recipient.
  • Enter your PIN and if successful, a success message is displayed.

You can transfer up to N100,000 and purchase up to N10,000 airtime per day.

In Conclusion

The transfer code for First Bank shows us that as we progress with technology, major time-taking and stressful processes become easier and simpler.

No more long queues and long hours at the bank. With the USSD code, your mobile phone becomes a mobile First Bank branch.


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