The Transfer Code for Fidelity Bank And How To Register, Activate And Transfer Money With It

Are you searching online for the Transfer code for Fidelity bank? If yes, would you like to have more information on it?

This article is dedicated to bringing you comprehensive data on it and a step-by-step guide on how to register and transfer cash with the transfer code.

Fidelity bank is no slow racer when it comes to innovative solutions in the provision of financial services. 

The advent of the transfer code has brought ease to various banking operations carried out by customers. It has minimized the time spent in the bank and the stress to even get there in the first place.

What Is Fidelity Bank Transfer Code?

The transfer code for Fidelity Bank is *770#.


It encompasses a broad range of banking services that would normally require your presence at a physical bank or an ATM. 

These services occur in only minutes on your mobile phone, at any time and any day.

It is available only to retail customers and not corporate customers.

Benefits Of The Transfer Code

  • It is easy and simple to use.
  • It is convenient; you can perform transactions in the comfort of your home or office.
  • It does not require mobile data.
  • It works on any phone
  • Transactions are fast and take place in only minutes.
  • It is secure

Features of the Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

The following are some of the things you can do with Fidelity Bank code:

  • Airtime and data purchase (*770*phone number*amount#)
  • Payment of bills such as utility bills, DSTV, Nairabet, and others
  • Transfer funds to any commercial bank
  • Request account balance (*770*0#)
  • Block your debit card (*770*911#)
  • Get your account number or BVN (*770*5#)
  • Block your account (*770*phone number#)

How To Register And Activate The Transfer Code For Fidelity Bank

To access all these features, you will need to register for the USSD code. All you require for registration are:

  • A mobile phone 
  • Your debit card
  • Account number
  • Phone number registered with your bank account

To register, follow these simple steps:

  • Dial *770#
  • Select ‘1’
  • Enter your NUBAN account number
  • Create a 4-digit PIN
  • You will be asked to provide an alternative phone number, if there are none, input ‘0’.
  • Re-enter your PIN
  •  Submit and you are ready to perform any transactions.

How To Transfer Money Using Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

You can carry out Intrabank and interbank transfers. That is, transfers to a Fidelity Bank account and other banks respectively.

Simply follow these steps:

Method 1

  • Dial *770#
  • Select ‘1’
  • Select ‘4’
  • Enter the amount you would like to transfer
  • Enter the destination bank
  • Confirm the details that would be displayed to make sure they are accurate.
  • Enter your PIN and submit.

Method 2

  • Dial *770*Account number*Amount#
  • Select beneficiary bank from the list of banks displayed on your screen
  • Validate the details of the recipient to make sure it is indeed the intended recipient.
  • Enter your PIN

Are there Charges on Transactions?

Balance inquiry costs N20

Intrabank transfers cost N10 for amounts less than N5,000 and N25 for amounts greater than N5,000.


For interbank transfers, you are charged N10 + VAT for amounts less than N5,000 and  N25 + VAT for amounts greater than N5,000.

In Summary

The USSD code is something that you would want to use in carrying out your financial services.

I’m sure this article helped you with enough information on the Transfer code for Fidelity Bank. Also read other similar informative articles below.

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