The Transfer Code For Airtel

In this guide, we’ll be talking about the transfer code for Airtel in Nigeria.

Airtel the third best international and telecommunications services company functions in 18 countries across South Asia and Africa, as well as the Channel Islands.

Airtel provides 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, 4G+ mobile services fixed line, wide band and communication services depends upon the country of practicality. Airtel had also trilled out its advanced technology across many countries including Nigeria.

Airtel Me2U

With Airtel Me2U, sharing of airtime and data is made achievable on the Airtel Network Company who have doubtlessly flourish in its early years are now the second major telecom industry in the country.

This, they have achieved through dedication and putting in so much effort in making its costumers comfortable with cheap call rates, data rates and mouthwatering bonuses that attracts in consumers on a daily basis.


Airtel Me2U has made it possible to share airtime and data bundle at no cost to friends and loved ones and you can even get surplus 4% when you purchase airtime of N20,000 naira and more through the self-care application and share with customers using Me2U service.

Airtime Transfer Code On Airtel

To share airtime, you will use the Airtel Me2U service to share love to fellow Airtel network users or probably as a businesslike action.

Here is the code to transact airtime on Airtel and how it works;

  • Firstly, all you need is to do is to just dial *432*AirtelNumber*Amount#.
  • Easy and unsophisticated to use code * 432 * AIRTEL NUMBER * AMOUNT # (e.g. 080X XXX XXXX),
  • Enter your transfer pin.
  • No service fee
  • No restraint on number of transactions
  • No boundary on amount that can be transferred
  • No payment subscription or step up involved

Note: This service is only applicable if you are an active Airtel subscriber.

Another way to transfer airtime on Airtel using text message. Send a message to 432 containing 2U [Phone Number] [Amount] [PIN] to 432.


That is if you wish to transfer ₦1000 to 080XXXXXXXX  and your PIN is 4123 then direct the message  2U 080XXXXXXXX 1000 4123 to 432.

Data Transfer Code On Airtel

To share data on Airtel, you will exercise the Data Me2U service. This service that allows an Airtel active subscriber to display love to other Airtel subscribers by sending a part of their active data balance to friends and loved ones.

Here is the code to transact data bundle on Airtel network and how it works;

  • For access to this service, just dial *141#
  • Then reply the gift or Share Data choice
  • Thenceforth, select Data Me2U

Very simple, that is how to share Airtel data.

Note that all major data bundle plans can be shared using the Me2U transaction service.



The Airtel transfer code for these transactions is *432#.  There is no aid fee for this type of transfer.

In that respect, there is no restriction to the number of times you can transact in a day, a week or in a month. There is also no limit on quantity of airtime or data that can be transferred using Me2U service.

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