Tax Topic 152 Meaning: Everything You Need To Know About IRS Tax Topic 152

What is the meaning of Tax Topic 152? Here is an article on Tax Topic 152 Meaning: Everything You Need To Know About IRS Tax Topic 152.

Internal Revenue codes can be good news as well as bad news, news of hope or dashed hope, depending on the meaning of the one received. 171, indicates that your refund is still under processing. 149 means rejection of your refund. 160 means the refund has been deposited.  151; you are under audit. How about 152? Let’s find out.

What is Tax Topic 152?

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Topic 152 is used by the IRS to reveal each group of refund’s status.


In the course of you checking your tax return status on the IRS website through the “Where’s my Refund” tool, there’s a great chance you will encounter a message that directs you to refer to Tax Topic 152.

It does not mean you have done something wrong in your filing or have made a mistake anywhere. It does not even mean that you need to take further additional steps.

Topic 152 is a generic code of reference that may be seen by some taxpayers in course of accessing the refund status tool of the IRS. The meaning is that your refund is yet to be rejected or approved but is still under processing.


Tax Topic 152 Refund Information

The normal time frame for the processing of 9 of 10 IRS refund is in less than 21 days. However, coming across a reference to Tax Topic 152 means that your refund process may not be completed under 21 days and more time may be needed for its review.

There are many reasons why it may take a little longer than usual to process your tax return, thereby leading to you being referred to Tax Topic 152. It may be application for an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) or an injured spouse claim making.

It could also be an issue of refunds from amended returns which is normally issued within 16 weeks but is now taking about 20 weeks due to Covid 19 processing delays.


To avoid all these issues, it is important you make sure to have all necessary information at hand before filling out your tax return.

Tax Topic 152 Good or Bad?

Some have attempted to create panic in the mind of individuals who got the Tax Topic 152 message that it means they are being flagged and are in for something nasty.

Anyway, that is not really the case. There is no need for panic concerning Tax Topic 152.


Even though it may not mean your refund has been approved, it still does not mean that your refund has been rejected.

It simply means that your tax return is under processing and it may take a little while than usual. Not a bad news after all.

Tax Topic 152 No Bars 2023

There has been many messages and comments going round about the orange status bar disappearing on the IRS “Where’s my Refund” tool.


It does not mean that your refund is being denied or you are being flagged. It is due to too much traffic on the website. Due to Covid 19, there is a shortage of IRS staff, therefore there is a backlog of returns.

Furthermore, your cache or your browser settings may also be the problem, therefore, make sure you are using the right browser, and clear your cache.

In Summary

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