Sterling Bank Mobile App: How To Register, Activate, Login & Transfer Money On Sterling Mobile Banking App

Are you searching online for how to register, activate and login to your Sterling Mobile Banking App? Search no more! This article is written about Sterling Bank Mobile App registration and activation. Keep reading!

Gone are those days where people stand on bank queues to perform financial transactions, modern technology has made life easy for everybody, you can carry your bank wherever you go. With the help of Sterling Mobile banking App, you have full control over your bank account.

Mobile banking App has a lot of benefits you wouldn’t want to miss out, you can send money to your friends and family at the speed of light, you can check your account balance for free, you can also pay your utility bills online and even request for your bank statement.


The only requirement for this mobile banking is a smart phone with good internet connection, for the registration process, you’ll need the phone number associated with your bank account.

You can also use the Sterling Bank USSD code whenever you do not have data or in a poor network area. Just dial *822# and navigate to what you want to do.

How To Register And Activate Your Sterling Mobile Banking App

Step 1: Download the Sterling Mobile banking App from your respective App Store


Step 2: Launch the App on your smartphone

Step 3: Click on the login option, you’ll be asked to input your MDN Number and password

Step 4: To acquire your MDN Number and password, you need to register for Sterling internet banking service


Step 5: Open your browser and go to

Step 6: Click on “New User? Sign up” option

Step 7: Enter your account number and phone number in the space provided and proceed


Step 8: An OTP will be sent to the mobile number associated with your bank account

Step 9: Input the OTP Correctly and create a pin of your choice and proceed

Step 10: Input your phone number again and fill out the KYC form correctly then submit


Step 11: Upon successful registration, you’ll be given an MDN Number. Open your Mobile Banking App and input the MDN Number and password, then login. You’ve successfully registered for Sterling Bank Mobile App

How To Transfer Money On Sterling Mobile Banking App

Step 1: Login to your Sterling Bank Mobile App

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Transfer’ Option


Step 3: Select if you want to make transfer to a ‘Sterling Account’ or ‘Other Banks’

Step 4: Input the account number of beneficiary and select the bank

Step 5: Input the amount to be transferred and transaction narration if any


Step 6: Confirm your transfer by inputting your pin then proceed

Step 7: Upon successful transactions, you can download the transaction receipt as proof of payment.


Sterling Bank Mobile App is known as ‘Sterling Money’. This mobile app helps you bank on the go and control your account from anywhere and at any time. Download the Sterling Mobile Banking App now and start banking.


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