Shakespeare Scholarship – Requirements And How To Apply In 2023

This article features the requirements and how to apply for Shakespeare Scholarship. Read on!

The Shakespeare Scholarship was established in 1863. The Scholarship program was founded when a group of outstanding citizens in the Colony of Victoria undertook an appeal to raise funds to commemorate 300 years from Shakespeare’s birth the following year.

Three years later, the University Council agreed to accept the money collected and to establish a perpetual scholarship in Shakespeare’s honor.

The Scholarship is in form of a competition, as it is awarded to the student who submits the best essay on the subject of William Shakespeare, as judged by the English and Theatre Studies Program Board of Examiners.

Shakespeare Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Shakespeare Scholarship, you must:

  • Be registered in the course for an undergraduate degree program of Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne and be undertaking a 2nd, 3rd or 4th Year English and Theatre Studies subject; or,
  • Have qualified not more than 1 year previously for the undergraduate degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Arts (Honors) majoring in English and Theatre Studies from the University of Melbourne.

Selection Criteria

  • Eligible applicants are evaluated on the quality of the essay he/she submitted.

How To Apply For The Shakespeare Scholarship

Please read the information below to help you complete your online application.

Before You Begin

You’ll get a welcome note from the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Arts. You’ll then see the online award application service, powered by SmartyGrants.

You may find the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Arts Award Application Guidelines helpful. For more information about the guidelines, questions in the form, or deadlines please email and quote your submission number.

If you need more technical support, please download the SmartyGrants Help Guide for Applicants.

Application Form

On every page of the form, you will see a Form Navigation contents box, these boxes are links which directs you to every page of the application. You can click the link to move directly to the page you desire.


You can also click on “next page” or “previous page” on the bottom or top of each page to move forward or backward through the application. Please make sure you save as you go.

Saving Your Draft Application

If you wish to leave a half completed application, press the “save and close” button and log out. When you log back in and click on “My Submissions” at the top of your profile, you will find a list of all the applications you have submitted or started.

You can re-open your draft application and continue from where you left off. You can also download any of your application as a PDF, whether completed or draft. Click on the “Download PDF” button at the bottom of the last page of your application form.

Submitting Your Application

You will find a Review and Submit button at the bottom of your profile. Make sure you review your application before submitting.

Once you have successfully reviewed your application and it’s okay, then you can go ahead to submit it by clicking on “Submit” at the bottom or top of your screen. You won’t be able to submit your application unless all the compulsory tab has been filled and there are no validation errors.


Once you have submitted your application, no further uploading or editing of support materials is possible.

Upon successful submission of your application, you will then receive a confirmation email through the email address you provided while registering, with a copy of your submitted application attached.

In case you do not receive a confirmation of submission email then you should assume that your submission has NOT been submitted.

Hint: make sure you check your spam messages or junk folders for the confirmation email.

Attachments And Support Documents

You may need to submit/upload attachments to support your application. This is very easy, but requires you to have the documents saved on a storage device.


You need to give enough time for each file to properly upload before you try to attach another file. Uploaded files should not exceed 25MB each; however, it is advisable to try and keep files to a maximum of 5MB, because the larger the file, the longer it takes to upload.

Completing An Application In A Team/Group

More than one person can work on an application using the same log in details as long as only one person is logged in at a time. Make sure you save as you go.

Spell Check

Most internet browsers (including Google Chrome, Firefox v2.0 and above; and Safari) have in-built spell checking facilities, you can switch this function off or on by adjusting your browser settings.

Shakespeare Scholarship Acceptance Requirements

Recipients are required to:

  • Accept award online within twenty-one days; and,
  • Write an appreciation letter to the committee upon acceptance of the award.

When Can I Expect My Scholarship Payment(s)?

Benefits of scholarships administered by University of Melbourne are paid according to the school’s fortnightly salary pay cycle.


Payments can only be made after the candidate have:

  • Accepted the scholarship offer,
  • Registered in the subject or course for which the scholarship was awarded,
  • Updated his/her bank details and address.

The benefits of the scholarship are listed in the candidate’s scholarship offer or the terms and conditions that apply to the scholarship.

Fortnightly Stipends

The processing and authorization of payments may take up to four weeks after you accept your scholarship offer or the scholarship begin date.

If the first payment is made after the date the scholarship began, Bursaries and scholarships will make a retrospective payment so that candidate will receive the benefits to which they are entitled.

If you require financial support before you receive your payment, you may wish to contact Student Financial Aid to book an appointment concerning your request.


After your first payment, stipend payments are then made on the school’s fortnightly pay dates.

Final Words On Shakespeare Scholarship

Shakespeare Scholarship offers up to $3,000 to the student who submits the best essay on the subject of Shakespeare. Essays are usually 4000 to 5000 words.

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