Settlement Loans Same Day: Best Lawsuit Loan Companies And How To Get Funding

In this article on Settlement Loans Same Day, you will also find the best lawsuit loan companies in US and how to get funding. Read on.

Talking of loans, there are diverse types and packages of it, each uniquely made up to suit different needs, purposes, situations and circumstances. Here we will discuss about settlement loans.

Settlement loans is a type of loan where cash is provided in advance for a pending lawsuit judgment or settlement award. It is a sort of a type of an advance, so it is actually not like traditional loans. Credit bureaus and traditional banks don’t give loans on settlements expected.

Settlement loans are for those who needs money to cover living expenses while in the middle of a lawsuit. The lawsuit company gives you a sort of a cash advance on the expected settlement while your lawsuit is pending. Settlement loans are also called, litigation financing, pre-settlement funding, or lawsuit loan.

Cases that eligible for settlement loans are cases of such as medical malpractice, auto accident, injury caused by product malfunction, death of a loved one due to someone’s actions, personally injury, injury at workplace, and so on.


10 Best USA Lawsuit Loan Companies

The following are some of the best lawsuit loan companies in the United States:

  • Nova Legal

Excluding Tennessee, Colorado and Maryland, Nova Legal Company is active in other States. Nova specializes in lawsuit funding for cases relating to personal injury claims. It is based in Los Angeles, California.

The cash advance is paid out within 24 hours and the amount can range from between $500 to $100,000

  • Oasis Financial

Backed by a private equity firm with superb financial, business and health service investment record named Parthenon Capital Partners, Oasis financial is one of the best lawsuit funding service options available.

It has devices over 250,000 clients and has a bread credit rating with the Better Business Bureau. Lawsuit loan arrives within 24 hours, and the amount ranges from $500 to $100,000

  • US Claims

The company had over 20 years’ experience in the field and is reputed as one of the best settlement loans. It offers non-recourse funding, meaning that in case you lose your ongoing lawsuit, you need not pay back the cash advance.

Their settlement loan offers include but not limited to injuries from dog bites, medical malpractice, car accidents, premises liability, and so on. Except weekends, the funds are received within 24 hours.

  • Legal Bay

Based in New Jersey, Legal bay is another leader in the settlement loans service in the US. It specializes in litigation support services and settlement funding.

Cases such as wrongful death and s*xual harassment are among the ones Legal Bay deals with. Funds are received within 38 hours

  • Peachtree Financial

A list of the top 5 lawsuit funding companies can’t be completed without Peachtree Financial getting a mention. It’s based in California and also provide non-recourse lawsuit funding.


Approval is granted within 24 hours and funds arrived within 3 days, depending on the amount involved.

  • Golden Pear Funding

  • Lawcash

  • Liberty Settlement Funding

  • Mustang Funding

  • American Lawsuit Loans

How To Get Settlement Funding in USA

The process of getting settlement funding from any of the lawsuit funding companies are not too numerous.

After filing lawsuit, you can contact the settlement company and apply. The company will do an evaluation of your case and your chances of winning, how much you potentially stand to receive as settlement.

It is based on this information that they grant approval and offer you an advance.

As you well know, the company is into settlement funding strictly for business, therefore, you will be charged interest on the settlement funding offered you which will also be paid from the settlement you received.


This is the process of settlement loan funding.

Final Words On Settlement Loans Same Day

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