Scholarships To Study Medicine Or Health Related Courses In USA, Canada And UK 2023

Are you searching online for scholarships to study medicine or health related courses? You’re at the right place. This article features top scholarships to study medicine or other health related courses in USA, Canada or UK. Read on!

A medical/health school is a tertiary institution that teaches medicine, and awards a professional degree for surgeons and physicians. Such medical degrees include the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB, MBBS, BMBS, MBBCh), Master of Medicine (MMed, MM), Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) or Doctor of Medicine (M.D.).

Many medical or health schools offer additional degrees, such as a Master’s degree (M.Sc.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) or other post-secondary education.

Medical schools can also perform medical-research and operate teaching hospitals. Around the world, structure, teaching methodology, criteria, and nature of medical programs offered at medical schools vary considerably.

Medical schools are often very competitive, using standardized entrance examinations, as well as GPA and leadership roles, to narrow the requirements for the selection of candidates. In most part of the world, the study of medicine is completed as an undergraduate-degree not requiring pre-requisite undergraduate coursework.


However, an increasing number of places are coming forth with graduate entrants who have completed an undergraduate-degree including some required courses. In the U.S. and Canada, almost all medical degrees are second entry degrees, and require many years of previous study at the university-level.

Medical students obtain a medical degree after the completion of their degree program, which usually lasts 5 or more years for the undergraduate model and 4 years for the graduate model. Many modern medical schools integrate clinical-education with basic sciences from the starting of the curriculum.

More traditional curricula are normally divided into pre-clinical and clinical blocks. In pre-clinical sciences, students study courses such as genetics, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology, anatomy, physiology and medical microbiology, among others. Subsequent clinical rotations normally include general surgery, internal medicine, psychiatry, pediatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology, among others.

Scholarships To Study Medicine Or Health Related Courses In USA

Medical courses such as MBBS in USA is a post-graduate program, unlike some countries where it is pursued as a bachelor’s degree. This program is equivalent to Doctor of Medicine (MD) and takes approximately 4 years to complete.

Below is a list of scholarships to study health/medical courses In USA:

  • Harvard Medical School Scholarship

The Harvard Medical School Scholarship funding covers both mandatory and tuition fees. Scholarship eligibility is determined by removing the institutional expected family contribution from mandatory and tuition fees.

  • Stanford Institutional Aid

Meeting up with the cost of education is a significant investment. At Stanford, they are committed to providing a complete need based financial aid program that makes it financially possible for students to attend.

Stanford admission program is need blind, this means that, for all but some international applicants, financial status won’t affect the admission decision.

  • Vagelos Scholarship

The Vagelos Scholarship fund is supported by an endowment that was founded by Dr. P. Roy and Diana Vagelos. The couple has committed over US$300 million to Columbia, US$150 million of which was directed toward the scholarship program.

With this funding from Dr. and Mrs. Vagelos, as well as additional support from other generous friends, faculty, and alumni, the medical school launched the scholarship fund endowment for new and continuing eligible medical/health students, beginning in the 2018-19 year.

  • AHIMA Foundation Merit Scholarship

The AHIMA Foundation Merit Scholarships allure freshers with talents to the health information management field by administering scholarship opportunities for prospective and current health information professionals. The AHIMA Foundation offers merit scholarships to students who excel academically and are enrolled in health information and health information technology programs.

  • AMTIE Student Scholarship

The AMTIE Scholarship award is given to a student in need of finance; therefore the applicant must provide an evidence that he/she needs financial support. The applicant’s program of study must lead to a career in one of the disciplines approved by the American Medical Technologists.

Scholarships To Study Medicine Or Health Related Courses In Canada

Canada is a very intriguing place to study medicine, because of its adverse cultural system and also for security grounds, as the country has one of the lowest crime rates on earth.

Below is a list of scholarships to study health/medical courses In Canada:

  • The Canadian Commonwealth Scholarships

The Canadian Commonwealth Scholarships include the following; housing, travel expenses, allowances, and payment of mandatory tuition fees. These are Graduate Student Exchanges (GSEP) freely donating US$ 10,000 to Canadian schools.

  • Ontario Trillium Scholarship

The Ontario Trillium Scholarships (OTS), awards scholarship of up to $40,000 per student annually. This scholarship is given to new incoming international University of Waterloo doctoral students who hold a valid Canadian study permit and are enrolled full-time in a degree-granting program in any Faculty.

  • The Banting Post-doctoral Fellowships Program

The Banting Post-doctoral Fellowships program is administered by the Vanier Banting Secretariat on behalf of Canada’s 3 granting agencies. The fund awards scholarships to students up to $70,000 per year, irrespective of your program of study

  • College of Medicine Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship award is available to graduate students with outstanding academic grades and who show research promise. While individual awards have more specific eligibility criteria, all typically require a student to be enrolled full-time, fully qualified in a graduate program, with a minimum GPA of 80%.

  • Quest University Scholarship

Quest University scholarships acknowledge the contributions and achievements students have made to their local community and schools, contributions which is expected that they will continue to make at Quest.

Scholarships To Study Medicine Or Health Related Courses In UK

There are many scholarships to study medicine in the UK once you can prove that you are an outstanding student with great achievements.


Below is a list of scholarships to study health/medical courses In UK:

  • British Government Scholarship Program

The Government of United Kingdom offers scholarships to individuals with high leadership potential and high academic grades. The awarded students of this scholarship are personally chosen by British embassies around the globe.

  • Hull York International Medical College Scholarship

Scholarships for medicine study in the United Kingdom offered by Hull York Medical College is a great opportunity to international students. This is because the scholarship covers a quarter of the tuition-fees in the United Kingdom during the first two years.

  • John Abernthy Scholarship

John Abernthy Scholarship to study Medicine in the United Kingdom is for both international and local students. The scholarship is administered by Queen Mary University of London.

  • Global Scholarship of Excellence

Global Scholarship of Excellence administers scholarships through the College of Medical Sciences and Dentistry in the UK. These scholarships are unique because the program is worldwide and they are based on the requirement of excellence.

  • King University Scholarship

King’s College for Social, Health and Medical Sciences awards scholarships to study human medicine in the United Kingdom. It is offered to students who enroll in a bachelor’s degree, or enroll in bachelor in global-health and social medicine.


Doctors are very important for everyone in the society and they constantly receive recognition all over the world. Studying medicine and becoming a doctor in the future gives you the required skills to help people end suffering.

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