Scholarships To Study Mathematics In USA, Canada And UK 2023

This article features top scholarships to study Mathematics in the US, Canada and UK.

Do you want to study Mathematics but are worried about the cost of tuition? You’ve come to the right place. Read on!

A Bachelor of Mathematics (B.Math) is an undergraduate academic degree awarded for successful completion of a program of study in mathematics or related fields, such as applied mathematics, mathematical physics, pure mathematics, financial mathematics, computational science, data analytics, actuarial science, operations research or statistics.

The Bachelor of Mathematics is awarded to high achieving students looking for how to develop comprehensive specialized knowledge in a discipline of mathematics or a high level of sophistication in the applications of mathematics.

Maths is generally considered to be one of the hardest courses to study at a degree level and is also a course which generally leads a higher-paid graduate job.


It is no surprise then that universities offer scholarships to make sure that they can not only attract academically bright students but also assist those who have the ability and flair but may come from a disadvantaged background or an under-represented group.

Below are some examples of some of the scholarships to study Mathematics being offered to students across the world. Some of the deadlines for these scholarships may have passed for this year, but they are often offered every year and it will give you an insight into the sort of thing you might expect to find.

We’ll start with USA, then Canada and United Kingdom.

Scholarships To Study Mathematics In the USA

The following are some of the scholarships offered to study Math or Math related courses:

  • ACF Barnes W. Rose Jr. And Eva Rose Nickol Scholarship Program

The Barnes W. Rose, Jr. and Eva Rose Nickol Scholarship Fund was founded in 2003 in honor of Eva and in memory of Mr. Rose. Barnes was a graduate of set “1951” at Albuquerque High-School and a graduate of set “1957” at West Point.


Eva is a long-time residence of New Mexico. The program will award a scholarship to an Albuquerque High-school graduate aiming to achieve a bachelor’s degree in one of the STEM majors: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

  • ACF Woodcock Family Education Scholarship Program

This scholarship program was established in 1993 by a businessman known as Woodcock and his wife, Dixie, to assist students who are academically bright in the fields of mathematics and science.

Scholarships are awarded to Albuquerque metro area high-school graduating seniors (includes Sandoval, Valencia, Bernalillo and Torrance Counties). Scholarships are payable over 4-years.

  • African American Network of the Carolinas

The African American Network of the Carolinas provides scholarships to college-bound students from South and North Carolina who are pursuing a major in mathematics, science, computer science, engineering, accounting, finance or business administration.

  • Alaska Space Grant Program For Undergraduates

The Alaska Space Grant Program offers undergraduate students scholarships of up to $1,000. The scholarships are open to freshers and continuing undergraduate students majoring in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics (STEM).

  • Boston University’s Noyce Scholarship Program In Math

Boston University offers scholarships to students in need of financial aid through the Robert Noyce Program. This program is for talented STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics) majors and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics) professionals to become mathematics teachers.

Scholarships To Study Mathematics In Canada

  • A.W. Chisholm Bursary

This award will be awarded to a full-time student pursuing a first degree in Mathematics, the student must be a resident of Heatherton or St. Andrew’s, Antigonish County, with good academic records, and who has shown financial need.

  • Anne Molson Scholarship

The Ann Molson Scholarship is open to only to students in the Physical Sciences proceeding from the second to the last year into the final year. Awarded on the recommendation of the Departments of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

  • Bertha and Bernard Harrison Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded yearly to students with excellent academic achievement, entering each of the faculties of Humanities; Science and Mathematics; Applied Health Sciences; Goodman School of Business; and Social Sciences.

Applicants for this Scholarship must meet Ontario residency requirements and demonstrate financial need.

  • CAST Scholarship Foundation

The CAST Foundation helps students to minimize the cost of self-rescue swim lessons for those in need by granting scholarships in different amounts to families swimming with CAST Affiliated Instructors. CAST offers three main scholarships which are subject to verification, this scholarship includes scholarships for mathematics students.

  • Dr. James C.S. Wong Memorial Bursary

This award was established in memory of James C.S. Wong, a professor in the Department of Statistics and Mathematics.

The program offers annual awards to a continuing undergraduate students in the Department of Statistics and Mathematics.

Scholarships To Study Mathematics In UK

  • MJG Scholarship

This award spans over a 3 or 4-year course at the University of Nottingham. To be qualified you must: be enrolled on the first year of a first full-time undergraduate course in Mathematics or Mathematics joint honours, and have a residual household income of less than £42,600

  • Maths & Statistics Scholarship

Every 1st stage home entrant who firmly accepts an offer at the University of Plymouth for a Mathematics/Statistics degree program will automatically receive a Mathematics and Statistics Enrollment Scholarship of £500 per A grade in A level Mathematics plus £500 for an A in Further-Mathematics up to a sum of £1,000

  • The Annie Currie Williamson Scholarship

The Annie Currie Williamson Scholarship program offers a sum of £1,500 per year at the University of York. The scholarship is given on the basis of academic-potential and targeted students with an assessed household income of between £25,001 – £30,000.

  • Mathematics Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship program offers up to £1,000 to students at the University of Birmingham who achieve A*A*A* in Mathematics and two other subjects apart from General Studies, at A level.

  • Gillian Stead Maths Bursary

This fund is open to UK/EU undergraduate students who enter the first-year of a B.Sc or M.Math degree at the University of Hull in Maths and who have gained 128 UCAS Point system from 3 A-Levels including an A in A-level Maths.

Final Words On Scholarships To Study Mathematics

Mathematics is an exciting and varied discipline that can open up series of opportunities for students. The study of mathematics makes students better at solving problems. It gives students skills that they can use across other courses and apply in other job roles.

Have you been searching online for scholarships to study mathematics in USA, Canada or UK?


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