Rising Trends In Digital Marketing 2023

There are lots of rising trends in digital marketing right now that would interest you to know. These trends are not just going on in the world’s biggest economies alone. They’ve been observed all over the world.

As a digital marketer, it is very important to keep up with trends to promote your business. The advent of technology has made things a whole lot easier, and marketers have taken this advantage to promote their business from the comfort of their homes

However, keeping up with trends involves you to know what is going on in the social media world. People spend most of their time online and technology is taking over the world. At the beginning of 2023, TikTok began to take over the social media world.

Cryptos and NFTs continue to make a name online and they are believed to be the future of finance. It was announced by Google that Cryptos and NFTs will phase out third-party cookies by 2023.

This means digital marketers have less than 2 years to change to a new channel to reach their target audience. And most recently, as a result of Facebook accepting the 3D Virtual World, its name was changed to Meta.


Without further ado, there are a lot of new and exciting changes in the digital world that will completely modify the marketing game. To help marketers navigate the coming years, we took our time to write out and break down the rising trends to be aware of.

The Top Rising Trends In Digital Marketing Right Now

Focus on User Generated Content

As a marketer in this modern age, it’s important to take advantage of user reviews. According to research, user reviews boost conversion rates on your product page. So you should have the habit of encouraging visitors to drop comments about their experience.

Furthermore, user reviews are the most trusted content online including; testimonies from your customers, comments, social publications, blog posts and forums.

Short, DIY Videos

DIY videos are short videos that emphasise the fast-paced way in which we consume content that highlights the need for simple messages. TikTok started the trend of DIY videos, not long before Facebook and Instagram introduced Reels to catch up on the trend.

The good thing about DIY videos is that they can be done by anybody irrespective of who you are. You have the opportunity to create videos with your mobile phone without having to edit and re-edit with professional video software.


Make Your Website or Blog Faster

In 2021, Google built new algorithms for some updates on its search engine, this algorithm makes it load faster and puts a great experience on interactivity. Most websites and social media picked up the challenge to upgrade their algorithm, hence, boosting their loading speed.

Shortly, slow websites will lose traffic and conversions and may fall behind in SEO rankings. Users give short attention to websites, so when you do not keep them engaged, they may likely leave to find better sites that offer better services.

Tell A Story

Storytelling is important in Digital Marketing, but when it comes to selling your products in the modern landscape, clients are tired of just listening to how your products are better than that of your competitors.

You should ensure that you don’t just tell stories, but also back them up with customer testimonies, how you have kept your promise to deliver what customers want, and how your product has changed the lives of your customers.

Potential New Platforms For Campaign

We know that Google and Facebook Ads have been the biggest players in the digital marketing world. However, it is not advisable to focus your ads on one search engine. Take your time and analyse where your target audience spends most of their time.


LinkedIn has grown tremendously over the years and it is more prominent in the Business-to-Business sector, it might be the new trend in the coming year, you can run promotion ads on Linkedin to a targeted audience in over 200 countries. Amazon and Bing are also platforms to run your ads.


Users get bored by some content online, especially when a particular content pops up at the wrong time, some brands end up getting unfollowed on social media pages.

It is paramount to understand the social media your customers use and how they use them, when you understand your audience’s platform, you can create personalised messaging based on each demographic. This will make your ads hit the target audience at the right time.

Extra Engaging Content

The fastest way to get new potential customers is by asking your existing customers to share a social media post of a contest.

Hold contests for your existing customers and ask them to share, by doing this you are making your brand digitally visible to potential customers. At the end of the contest, ensure you present the winner with an impressive reward.


Using AI in Digital Marketing

We know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can monitor site traffic and boost search engine optometrist (SEO) for organic reach.

Technology is evolving every day and as such, we can use AI to do more than monitor site traffic, artificial intelligence can now be used to predict customers’ needs. The prediction will be based on data collected from the customers’ past activities.

When the AI analyse the collected data, it will predict the customer’s next move and present him/her with the right product or service without being too intrusive or overwhelming the particular customer with irrelevant targets.

NFTs and Cryptocurrencies In Social Media E-commerce

Earlier this year, there was a trend on Twitter that some websites will start accepting NFTs and cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Elon Musk earlier announced that Tesla Inc. will start receiving dogecoin as a mode of payment.

Allowing customers to pay for products and services with NFTs and cryptocurrencies will give you an edge over your competitors.


Final Words

Keeping on top of the trends listed above will be the best way to grow, stay competitive and secure loyal customers. Technology continues to lead and it is the future of digital marketers, follow the trends and don’t miss out, or else you might start falling behind.

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