POS Charges List In Nigeria 2023 – Complete List

Have you been searching online for POS charges list in Nigeria? You’re at the right place. Below is a comprehensive list of the POS charges in Nigeria. Please take note of these and make the necessary adjustments to your budgeting and spending plans.

What Are POS Charges?

Point-of-sale (POS) charges are the fees you pay for using your credit or debit card to make a purchase. The merchant’s bank, called the acquirer, charges a fee for each card transaction. This fee is typically a percentage of the sale amount, plus a flat fee.

The POS charge (also called a merchant discount rate) is typically 0.5% to 1.0% of the purchase amount. However, this rate can vary depending on the amount of money, the merchant’s processing agreement, and the issuing bank’s policies.

What Is the Maximum Chargeable Amount?

When it comes to the POS charges list in Nigeria, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The first is that there is a limit to how much can be charged on a purchase.


The maximum chargeable amount is 120 Naira. This means that any withdrawal above N20,000 will be charged at this rate.

List of POS Charges in Nigeria in 2023

The POS (Point of Sale) charges in Nigeria vary greatly depending on the provider. Generally, POS merchants charge a flat fee for every transaction which can vary from ₦10 to ₦120. However, some merchants will offer a tiered rate structure, where you pay more for larger transactions.

Here’s a look at the list of POS charges in Nigeria in 2023:

Here is a list of Nigeria’s lowest POS prices, which vary depending on the POS company:

  • Every withdrawal is subject to a 0.3% fee from the Bankly POS Machine, and every transfer has a fixed fee of N35.
  • The price for a Moniepoint POS Machine transaction is 0.5%. For transactions costing more than 20,000 Naira, there is a fixed N20 transfer fee.
  • Kolomoni POS Machine: 0.5% fee for withdrawals between N1,000 and N19,900. N30 transfer fee for amounts over N2000
  • Opay POS Machine (0.6% fee for withdrawals under N20,000; N120 flat fee for withdrawals beyond N20,000)
  • Kudi Point of Sale (N25 for sales between 100 and 4,500; 0.6% for transactions between 4,501 and 25,000). Additionally, there is a flat cost of N150 for transactions over N500,000 (and a flat price of N150 starting at N500,000).
  • GTBank POS System (Charges 0.75 as POS routine maintenance).

POS Agent to Customer Charges

All signs point to clients having no problem paying for the POS service. While this allows for extortionate prices, a survey of the competitive markets in the states of Lagos, Abuja, Plateau, Ogun, Osun, and Edo finds a standard transfer charge and commissions for every withdrawal: ₦100 increments on every ₦5,000.

₦100 to ₦5,000 — ₦100


₦5,001 to ₦10,000 — ₦200

₦10,001 to ₦15,000 — ₦300


Nigeria is a country that is quickly adapting to the use of Point of Sale (POS) machines in order to make payments. This is a comprehensive list of all the POS Charges that are currently in place in Nigeria as of 2023.

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