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Are you searching online for Penn State tuition? This is for you. This article features Pennsylvania State University undergraduate tuition and fees. Read on!

The Pennsylvania State University which is also referred to as Penn State or PSU is a public state-related land-grant research university. It has different campuses and facilities across the State of Pennsylvania.

The University was founded on February 22, 1855 (166 Years Ago). It started as the Farmers’ High School of Pennsylvania and became the state’s only land-grant university in 1863.

Today, Pennsylvania State University is a major research university in the United States, it conducts teaching, research, and public service. The instructional mission of the school includes undergraduate, graduate, professional and continuing education offered through resident instruction and online delivery.

One of the Penn State University Campus (The University Park Campus) has been labelled one of the “Public Ivies,” a publicly funded university considered as providing an outstanding level of education compared to those of the Ivy League.


Penn State Tuition

We know that cost is an important factor in making the decision to invest in a college education. That is why we’ve taken our time to list the recent tuition rates and cost estimates for an academic year (fall and spring semesters) to enable you to make an informed choice.

These costs are set by the PSU Board of Trustees in the July of each year. However, you are advised to visit the Office of Summer Session website to see an estimate of the costs for Penn State’s summer session.

Tuition Assessment

There are some criteria that is used in determining the amount of tuition a Penn State student is assessed per semester:

  • Campus
  • College
  • Major
  • Semester Classification
  • Residency
  • Credit load

Penn State University Semester Classification is determined by the following:

Total Credits Earned Term Semester Classification
29 or fewer credits Freshman
29.1 to 59 credits Sophomore
59.1 to 89 credits Junior
89.1 or more credits Senior


When calculating tuition, a student’s semester classification for a semester in the future is determined by summing up total credits to the credits currently registered. Once an undergraduate student completes 59.1 total credits or more, the student is considered to have obtained Junior/Senior status at Penn State University.

The total credit completed includes credits earned through advanced placement or transfer from another institution.

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Student Fee

The Student Fee is an addition to the previous Student Activities Fee and Student Facilities Fee. The Student Fee supports student-centred activities, services, facilities and recreation to enhance student life. It is the result of a student-led union being more involved in the making and allocation of student fees.

The Student Fee is calculated the same way as the previously separate fees, they are both calculated based on the campus and the number of credits in which a student registered. The Student Fee is compulsory, likewise the previous fee. For more enquiries regarding the Student Fee, simply go to

Below is the Penn State University Student fees of different campuses, the tuition and fees are in three basis:

  1. Pennsylvania Resident
  2. Non Pennsylvania Resident
  3. International Students

Penn State University Park

2021-2023 PSU Costs: For Estimating Purposes Only

Tuition and Fees

PA resident – $18,898

Non PA resident – $36,476

International Students – $37,946

Additional Estimated Costs

PA resident – $14,158-17,380

Non PA resident – $14,158-17,380

International Students – $14,158-17,380


PA resident – $33,056-36,278

Non PA resident – $50,634-53,856

International Students – $52,134-55,326

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Commonwealth Campuses

2021-2023 PSU Costs: For Estimating Purposes Only

Tuition and Fees

PA resident – $15,586

Non PA resident – $25,600

International Students – $27,100

Additional Estimated Costs

PA resident – $14,158-17,380

Non PA resident – $14,158-17,380

International Students – $14,158-17,380


PA Resident – $29,744-32,966

Non PA Resident – $39,758-42,980

International Students – $41,258-44,480

Additional Costs – PA and Non-PA Resident

Room and Meals – $12,318

Miscellaneous costs such as travel, books, etc. This cost vary by program of study –  $1,840-5,062

TOTAL         $14,158-17,380

Please Note: All World Campus students pay the same tuition fee, irrespective of residency. For more details on the tuition fee, visit the World Campus website.

Cost Tool

Pennsylvania State University has several tools to enable aspiring students to estimate the costs associated with earning a degree. We encourage students to use them in order to have a better knowledge of the actual cost of attendance.

This cost tool gives an estimate of the essential costs associated with attending Pennsylvania State University, it also allows you to customize it for a more accurate reflection of individual costs. Log on to to get started.

Student Aid

More than 68% of Pennsylvania State University students are recipients of some type of financial aid.

Types of Aid

PSU Office of Student Aid is the main resource of financial aid for students to enable them pay off their cost of education. They oversee the administration of loans, grants, work study and scholarships. Although loans is the most common financing method.

Undergraduate Student Aid Funding at Pennsylvania State University

Types of aid and Percentage of the aid awarded

Loans: 60%

Grants: 19%

University scholarships: 13%

Private scholarships: 6%

Work-Study:  <1.0%

The above information is based on 2019-2020 data.

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Applying For A Student Aid

To be considered for any student aid, including merit-based scholarships, you are required to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. Here are the important dates to keep in mind for freshers:

FAFSA becomes available at on the 1st of October.

Penn State’s recommended FAFSA filing date for students new to Penn State is on the 1st of December

Aid notification for admitted students who submit the FAFSA on the 1st of December comes in Early February

Go to for more details concerning the student aid.


The Penn State undergraduate tuition and fee is based on the estimate, it is advisable for students to use the cost tool online for more accuracy.

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