Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program 2023 – Requirements And How To Apply

Are you in South Carolina? Would you like a Scholarship? Do you major in mathematics and science? Then take a look at the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program. It just might be what you need.

It is not the wish of any student to debt hanging around their neck, even if it is accrued from obtaining study loans. Neither is it the wish of any to struggle through school with financial needs always biting hard. These troubles can all be gotten rid of by a tangible Scholarship award that’s worth the bills. One of such scholarships is the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship

About The Scholarship Program

The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship is a merit based scholarship program that was established in 1988.

The goal for the establishment of the Scholarship Program is to recognize the most academically talented high school senior students and therefore encourage them to attend college in the state. The program is administered by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.

The Scholarship awardees may receive up to $6,700 on freshman year and up to $7,500 in sophomore, junior and senior years.


In 2007, the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship enhancement was established. The program was established in order to increase the number of students who major in Mathematics and Science in the state of South Carolina. Major Part of the eligibility for the Enhancement is that student must declare a major in an approved science or math program.

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program Requirements And Eligibility Criteria

If you are interested in putting in for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship, it is sure you will want to know the program’s eligibility criteria. In this section, you are going to be getting the Scholarship’s eligibility requirements as obtained from the administrators of the program. Then you will know if you are qualified for it or not.

For entering freshmen

The academic eligibility criteria for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program can be met in 2 ways, and they are;

  • You must rank in the top 6% at the end of the 10th, 11th or the 12th grade academic year. Rank can be utilized as an eligibility requirement for schools or home school associations that have an official policy on rank. This policy must have been reviewed by the SC Commission on Higher Education in order to be sure of compliance with the established regulations of the Scholarship Program
  • You must also earn a score of 1200 in Math and critical reading of the Scholastic Aptitude Test, (SAT) or 27 on the American College Test (ACT) through the June test administration of the graduating year based on the SC Uniform Grading Policy, you must earn a cumulative GPA of 3.5
  • The second way by which you can meet the academic requirements of the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship as a freshman is to earn 1200 on the SAT in Math and critical reading or 32 on the ACT through the graduating year test administration
  • Earn a 4.0 cumulative GPA based on the Uniform Grading Policy of the SC
  • You must apply for the Scholarship Program during your senior year of High School to the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

For the general eligibility requirement for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program, they are;

  • You must be a US citizen or Legal Permanent resident
  • You must be a South Carolina resident
  • Must not have a record of felony conviction
  • Must not have a second or subsequent alcohol or drugs misdemeanors
  • must not be in default of any state or federal loans
  • Must enroll in a degree seeking program at an eligible South Carolina institution and must be meeting satisfactory academic progress
  • Residence must be already determined at the time of high school graduation

If you are a transfer student, the eligibility requirements are as follows;

  • You must meet up with all general eligibility requirement
  • You must request a transfer of your Palmetto Fellows through the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.

If you are entering as a continuing student, here are the eligibility criteria;

  • You must meet up all general eligibility requirements
  • All additional requirements including GPA and how many credit hours you earn each academic year must be well met

These are the requirements for various levels and types of entrants and applicants of the Scholarship Program. If you meet up with any set of these requirements as appropriate, then it’s a green light to go ahead and put in for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program.

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program Award Amount

The South Carolina General Assembly determines the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program Award Amount every year. Freshmen receives $6,700, while sophomores, juniors and seniors receive $7,500.

The combination of the Palmetto Fellows Enhancement Scholarship Program with all other scholarships may not exceed the on campus resident budget as defined in Title IV regulations. Half of the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship is awarded in the fall term, while half is awarded in the spring term.


How To Apply For The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program

The application for the Palmetto Scholarship is done on behalf of the student and not by the student himself/herself.

The application must be complete by the student’s High School representative or counsellor. It is the responsibility of the school representative/counsellor to identify eligible applicants.

Accepting The Scholarship Award

You must complete a South Carolina State Scholarship/Grant Certification on Self Service Carolina. You can do that by going to SSC. Then select “Financial Aid, Award and Award for Aid Year.”

After that, accept the terms and conditions, and then complete the certification. Once the certification has been completed, you need to accept your Scholarship on the tab tagged “accept award offer”

How Long Does The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Benefit Last?

The program has potential 7 semester eligibility. However, if you graduate before using all 8 semesters, you forfeit all the remaining Palmetto Fellows Scholarship stipends.



These is all you need to know about the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program. If you are a Southern Carolina resident and meet the eligibility requirements, then go ahead and apply.

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