Online Typing Jobs Worldwide – 4 Websites To Apply And Start Making Money Online In 2023

Interested in online typing jobs worldwide? This page features 4 websites to apply and start making money online.

If you wanna make some money typing and you are completely new to making money online, then stop what you’re doing and pay attention. Here is a list of legit transcription companies that hire complete beginners to convert audios to text.

Yes transcription is just typing. You are just getting paid for converting recorded content like interviews and conference calls to text so that instead of someone actually listening to the material, they can just read.

So if you can type, this article is for you. Without taking much of your time, let you the 4 transcription companies that will pay you to just type the words you hear in an audio file.

4 Websites To Get Online Typing Jobs Worldwide

The good thing about the companies or websites listed below is that each of them pays very well.


1. Triple A Transcription

The first company to get online typing jobs on this list is Triple A Transcription. Now Triple A Transcription is an online transcription company based in Australia which offers academic, business, interview, general and medical transcription services.

Fun fact: I used to work for Triple A Transcription up until May 2021. Yep, I started working with them in February 2019, when I was very new in this transcription field, in making money online.

I was looking to actually sharpen my transcription skills as well as increase my online income. So please note that this short review of Triple A Transcription is purely based on my experience working with the company.

Triple A Transcription pays transcriptionists between 0.40 Australian Dollars and 0.50 Australian Dollars per audio minute. This is equivalent to 0.29 US dollars and 0.36 US dollars.

You get paid 0.29 dollars per audio minute for a file with one to two speakers, 0.33 dollars per audio minute for a file with three to four speakers and 0.36 dollars for a file with more than five speakers.


Please note that the rates are in Australian dollars. I just converted to US dollars for uniformity.

So for one audio hour, you are likely to make $17.4 for a file with one to two speakers. $19.8 for a file with three to four speakers and $21.6 for a file with more than five speakers.

They make payments every two weeks via PayPal but you have to send them an invoice showing all the work you have done and the amount owed.

I am happy to report that I got paid for every file that I worked on.

The only challenge I had was sometimes the amount they sent was actually less than what I invoiced them which meant that I had to do a lot of email reminders for them to actually make the rest of the payment.


There are also times that I actually had to do very many reminders for them to actually make payments after I have sent my invoice. Needless to say, payments came in late sometimes.

So if you choose to work with Triple A Transcription, this is something you have to be aware of and be sure to keep reminding them once you send them your invoice. But as far as my experience is concerned, I received payment for every file I did.

To get started with Triple A Transcription simply go to their website and fill out their short application form. That is actually the shortest application form I have ever seen, to be honest.

Once you fill out the application form they’re going to send you a short transcription test via email. The test I did was very short. The audio was like two minutes long if I remember correctly.

Once you submit your test transcript, they’re going to review it and tell you whether you have passed or not.


If you impress them, that is if you actually pass the test, they’re gonna send you their guidelines by email and you can get started on work.

If you fail, they’re going to send you a rejection email.

A friend of mine who we had applied together failed the test and she received a rejection email. So I know you’re going to get a rejection email. Unless things have changed because this was in 2019.

According to my emails I did the test on Feb 11 and I got my results on Feb 12 and got started on work a few days later. I think Feb 18 or thereabout.

Please note that this happened in 2019. My experience is based on when I applied for the job and that was in 2019. So it took me a very short time to actually get started with them.


I can say a week like from filling their online form to getting the test, to doing it and submitting it, to get my results and eventually get started with work.

Now I’m not saying it’s going to take you that long to actually get your results because I do not know how long they take nowadays.

Things have probably changed. The number of applications they get have probably changed or increased. So I cannot say for sure that you’re gonna take a short time the way I did so just register with an open mind okay.

Keep in mind that things have probably changed and I think they hire worldwide.

I’m saying this because I applied, got accepted and started working with them and even got paid right in my country. So please correct me if I’m wrong but I think they hire worldwide.


Keep reading to see other websites to find online typing jobs.

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2. Daily Transcription

The second transcription company on this list is Daily Transcription.

Now Daily Transcription accepts both beginners and experienced transcriptionists to join their team.

You only need a computer with an internet connection, transcription software such as Express Scribe, a pair of good headphones and be over 18 years old to work at Daily Transcription.


Unfortunately, you can only apply for a transcriptionist position if you live in the US, UK, Australia or Canada. If you are an international applicant, they can only consider you for captioning or subtitling and translation jobs.

Daily Transcription pays transcriptionists between 0.75 dollars and 0.85 dollars per audio minute. Therefore you’ll earn between 45 to 51 for one audio hour.

According to Daily Transcription top transcriptionists on the platform make anywhere from 250 to 950 dollars per week.

Payments are made weekly by cheque only unless you are outside the US and Canada in which case other payment arrangements can be made.

To apply for the transcriptionist position at daily transcription, you need to fill out an application form on their website.


You will be required to attach an official document showing where you reside and also attach a resume according to the reviews I have read.

They will give you a simple multiple choice test and after that, they will send you audio to transcribe. You should transcribe that audio to the best of your ability in order to be onboarded.

3. Happy Scribe

The third company on this list is Happy Scribe.

Happy Scribe works with freelancers from all over the world.

They accept all kinds of people from all walks of life as a transcriptionist. You’ll be working on both transcription and subtitling files.


To get started, simply apply on their website by creating an account and doing the transcription or subtitling test. The video test is about 10 minutes long.

If your application is successful, they’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible and if you fail they’ll send you an email informing you of the same within a few days. They did not state clear response times on their website and your application might be successful but you’ll be put on a waiting list for a few days or even months as you wait for a vacancy.

If you fail the test you can give it another try in three months using the same email. You don’t need to create another account for that.

If you pass the test you will be onboarded and required to provide your bank details.

Afterwards, you will sign a confidentiality agreement and create a discord account.


Once you’ve been onboarded, you’ll have four weeks to claim your first file before your account is suspended.

Happy Scribe pays English transcriptionists 0.90 euros per audio minute. This is equivalent to 0.99 US Dollars. You, therefore, earn around 59.4 Dollars per audio hour.

According to Happy Scribe, the best transcriptionists can earn more than two thousand one hundred and ninety-nine dollars per month. Transcriptionists get paid on the first and fifteenth of each month through Wise, formerly known as TransferWise.

Please note that they do not have any other payment method. So you cannot work on Happy Scribe if Wise is not available in your country.

You can find the full list of countries where Wise operates on their website.


4. CastingWords

The fourth transcription company to find online typing jobs is CastingWords. You don’t have to be from a specific country because Casting Words hires worldwide.

You make money online on CastingWords by transcribing audio and video files, editing transcripts and completing other short jobs like determining the audio quality of files sent by clients.

You get paid once your tasks have been reviewed and approved for payment. The amount of money you make on CastingWords depends on what kind of jobs you work on your level and the grade you get.

Transcription and editing jobs are bonus based, which means your payment is as good as the quality of your work.

The company claims to pay between 8.5 cents which are 0.085 dollars and $1 per audio minute.


I did a bit of digging and found out that their pay ranges from 0.25 dollars to one dollar per audio minute.

The exact amount of money you get paid depends on the urgency and priority of the job, as well as your grade. Yes, the work you do will be reviewed and given a grade between 0 and 9.

Rejected work is usually graded between 0 and 4 which means you won’t get paid for it.

If your work is given a 5, you will just get the basic feel like the lowest amount which in this case is $0.15 per audio minute.

If your work is graded 6, you will be paid 1.5 times the base pay which is 0.23 per audio minute. Now if it’s graded 7 you’ll get two times the base pay which is $0.30 per audio minute.


If it’s graded 8, you’ll get two points five times the base pay which is $0.38 per audio minute. And if it’s graded 9, you’ll get three times the base pay which is $0.45 per audio minute.

So the higher your grade, the more the money. Remember they pay between $0.15 dollars and $1 per audio minute, which means you can earn one dollar per audio minute.

So for one audio hour, you will earn $60. You have to sign up on the platform to get started.

Whether you need to take a transcription test or not will depend on who you are and where you are applying from.

I guess when I signed up I was directed to take the transcription test but some people get started on work right away without doing the transcription test during registration.


You will provide basic information and a brief bio of who you are and that is the information they use to determine whether you need to take the test or not. Though I know for sure they consider the location very much.

So if you are maybe from the US, you have a better chance of not doing the transcription test compared to someone who is in Africa.

CastingWords pays freelancers through PayPal. So you have to be in a country where PayPal works in order to work at Casting Words and they issue payments every Friday 10 a.m. Pacific Time. Please confirm what time this is in your country.

All you have to do is request a chance for funds and your earnings for that period will be deposited into your PayPal account, and they actually pay the PayPal fees, which means you will get the full balance of your account once you request payment.

Please note that you have to have been a member for at least a week and have at least $1 in order to actually request payment.


Final Words On The Online Typing Jobs For Anyone To Make Money Online

Having come to the end of this article, I wish to state that online typing jobs should be taken as side incomes. Unless you find the ones that sustain you enough to focus fully on it.

Have you been searching for how to make money online by rendering transcription services online?

I hope you find the information useful.

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