Obi Cubana Net Worth 2023

You’ve probably heard of Obi Cubana now. But do you actually know how much he’s worth, some say he is as rich as Dangote, others say he’s just a drug dealer. Read on to find out more.

Biography and Early Life of Obi Cubana

Businessman Obinna Iyiegdu, popularly known as Obi Cubana, is a major figure in Nigeria’s entertainment sector. After his mother’s extravagant funeral, he became the talk of the town.

The business tycoon is from Oba in Idemili, Anambra’s south local government area. He was born on April 12, 1975, and is 47 years old now (in 2023). Ezinne Iyiegbu was his late mother’s name, and he kept information about his father private.

To top it all off, the socialite is a well-educated man. Obi Cubana finished elementary school at a school in central Oba. He then traveled to Onitsha to finish his secondary education at the Dennis Memorial Grammar School.

Obi kept going after that. He attended the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and graduated in 1998 with a degree in political science.


Obi Cubana got his first million naira during his NYSC at the National Assembly in Abuja after furnishing a house for a client.

Career Highlights of Obi Cubana

Iyiegbu’s business career began in 2006 when he opened the Ibiza Club in Abuja. In 2009, he established the Cubana hospitality club in Owerri, Imo State.

Accolades Accrued by Obi Cubana

You may be curious about what landed Obi Cubana a huge amount of money. Through his career and accolades, Obi is now considered one of Africa’s most influential entrepreneurs and has become an inspiration to many young people who aspire to make it big in business.

Throughout his career, Obi has been the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Nigerian Merit Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship and the African Entrepreneur Award.

He has also been appointed as a board member of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), a non-profit organization that provides financial services to small businesses. The Nigerian government recently recognized him as one of their Global ambassadors and has recommended him for various business opportunities.


He is also a frequent speaker at conferences around the world and has served as an advisor on projects related to technology, education, healthcare, and infrastructure in Nigeria.

Obi Cubana Net Worth in 2023

Do you want to know just how wealthy Obi Cubana is? According to reports, he currently stands at a net worth of $96 million in 2023.

If history is any indication, we can expect Obi’s net worth to increase significantly in the coming years. After all, the businessman has been steadily growing his career over the years, and there‚Äôs no sign of him slowing down any time soon.

The Legacy of Obi Cubana

The legacy of Obi Cubana stretches far beyond just his current net worth. Indeed, he is an example of how an individual can come from humble beginnings and make something of himself or herself through hard work and dedication.

He is a shining example of success and achievement, not only in his professional life, but also in his personal life. He has achieved so much despite the difficulties that life has dealt him and has inspired many others to do the same.


As a testament to his commitment to excellence, he has been included on several lists recognizing successful entrepreneurs with African roots. He is also a highly sought-after public speaker on topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership, success, business growth, and philanthropy – to name just a few.

There’s no doubt that Obi Cubana’s legacy will continue to inspire generations for years to come.


Obi Cubana’s net worth is currently estimated to be $96 million as of early 2023. The Nigerian businessman has built his wealth through a career as an entrepreneur, as well as other business ventures.

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