NYC Police Pension Fund: Everything You Should Know In 2023

Want to learn about NYC Police Pension Fund? You’re at the right page. This article features a quick review on everything you should know about NYC Police Pension Fund. Read on!

The New York City Police Pension Fund gives a top notch service to retired members and their beneficiaries. The Police Pension Fund acknowledge the fact that they work for their retired members.

In keeping with the above sentiment, and the mandate from the Commissioner Of Police, the NYC Police Pension Fund will always provide the highest professional standard of service and they will always bear in mind that their member’s best interest is their first priority.

NYC Police Pension Fund Website

The Police Pension Fund is equipped with a Web site that provides its members with easy access to quality online services. Their Sterling IT Department are constantly searching for ways to improve their site using new and exciting technology advancement.

The Police Pension Fund continues to encourage its members, both retired and active, to make use of their flexible website. There are a whole lots of information in the site, such as:


General information about the benefits you enjoy as a member and a plan description

  • A listing of the Police Pension Fund (PPF) Board of Trustees
  • A brief review of recent pension related legislation
  • Agency contact information
  • A list of downloadable forms commonly used by members
  • A section set aside for frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Links to other related websites

As a member of the NYC Police Pension Fund, you can drop your suggestions on how to further improve their services to the membership.

How Do NYC Police Pension Get Funds?

New York Police Pension benefits gets their fund through contributions from plan members and their employers and by income on plan assets. There are different Tier in the NYC Police but members on Tier-5 and tier-6 are to contribute to the retirement plan throughout their career.

Is NYC Police Pension Guaranteed?

These pension serves as a source of income for retirees, it helps the former city employees to accept their golden age and continue to maintain a standard lifestyle, and that is to say the pension is guaranteed.

The employer is making contributions to his employee for the plan so that when the employee retire, they receive the promised benefit to make retirement life easy.


Do You Pay Tax On NYC Police Pension?

New York City, New York State, and Social Security taxes are exempted from Federal Income Tax Regulations. However, all other pensions are subjected to pay tax. Members will be asked to arrange for Federal Income Taxes to be retained from their pensions.

How Long Do You Have To Work For NYC Police To Get A Pension?

You are qualified to receive a pension from New York Police Pension Fund if you’ve accumulated 5 years of service. That is, if an employee works for over 870 hours in a year, he/she will likely earn one year of pension credit and one year of vesting service.


New York City Police Pension Fund provides benefits for its workers. Police Men and Women who have retired or disabled are eligible for the Pension fund.

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