NROTC Scholarship 2023/2023 – Requirements And How To Apply

Are you interested in the Navy? Do you aim to be a Naval officer? If the Naval Reserve Training Corps (NROTC) interests you, then you sure you would like to know about its Scholarship Program. That is exactly the reason for this article – to show you everything you need to know about NROTC Scholarship.

The NROTC is a commissioned officers training college of the US Marine Corps and the US Navy. Graduates under US NROTC Program rather than become reserve officers, become active duty officers.

These officers are required to serve a minimum of 4 years for the marine and nurse options, and a minimum of 5 years for the Navy option. Individuals are commissioned into the United States Marine Corps or the United States Navy as Second Lieutenant by the NROTC.

Even though the NROTC program seems to be all about a career in the Navy, those who do not want a Navy career can also join the NROTC program.

The NROTC is regarded as the largest single source of Marine Corps and Navy officers. Its scholarship plays a great role in the preparation of matured young male and female for management and leadership positions in the Navy and Marine Corps that keeps getting increasingly technical as time goes on.


The program was established for the development of the midshipmen mentally, morally and physically. The NROTC program aims to imbue them with the needed ideals of loyalty, duty, values of honor, courage and commitment, so that the college graduates can be commissioned as motivated naval officers with basic professional background and future development potential in mind.  This assist them to assume the highest responsibilities of citizenship, command and government.

As mentioned earlier, you can join the NROTC even if you do not want a career in the Navy. Actually, only a few people know exactly what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives at high school age and even college age sometimes.

Some students may decide to make the Naval service their career after being in it for a while. However, beyond the normal commitments mandated by each designator, there isn’t long term obligation to so.

NROTC Scholarship Types, Benefits And Requirements

  • NROTC Two Year Scholarship Program

The NROTC Two Year Scholarship Program covers the final 2 years of college. In those 2 years, the scholarship provides fees, tuition, textbooks, and uniform.

The offer is open to college students that have completed their year 3 in a 5 year curriculum. It also features subsistence allowance for 20 months. On graduation from college, they are commissioned as ensigned second lieutenant in the US Marine Corps Reserve or the US Naval Reserve.

  • NROTC Four Year Scholarship Program

The NROTC Four Year Scholarship offer is a full tuition Scholarship in one of the listed colleges and universities. The scholarship covers all educational fees of the college/university.

It also covers stipend for books, provision of uniforms and monthly subsistence allowance. The monthly subsistence allowance are; $250 for freshmen, $300 for sophomores, $350 for juniors, and $400 for seniors.

  • The Naval ROTC College Program

The NROTC College Program is a 2 or 4 year program. Applicants for this program are selected from students who are already accepted or are attending colleges with NROTC programs. The NROTC College pays for instructional fees and uniform for naval science courses.

Furthermore, students that get selected for advanced standing gets to receive a stipend for maximum of 20 months.  Advance standing is available only when starting the junior year of college.

The stipend is $400 for senior year and $350 for junior year per academic month. Courses that students will complete in this program include naval science courses, a few specific university courses, other university courses, and also one summer training session.


For Navy officers, the training session is normally at sea, while for Marine Corps midshipmen, the training session is normally at Quantico Virginia.

Those who are Four Year applicants for this program will upon commencement of freshman year apply through professor of naval science. The Two Year applicants on the other hand will apply prior sophomore year spring.

Two Year applicants when accepted would have to attend a Naval Science Institute Program in Newport, Rhode Island, between sophomore and junior years during summer. This program will last for 6½ weeks.

The 2 and 4 years college program midshipmen may upon graduation, be commissioned ensigns in the second lieutenant in the Marine Corps Reserve or in the Naval Reserve. 8 years of commissioned service is obligatory, and 2 of it must be active duty.

  • NROTC Program – Navy Nurse Corps

If you are interested in pursuing a BSN (Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing), then this program is for you. However, if you are selected for a scholarship, you are mandated to major in a nursing degree program that will lead to a BSN.


Midshipmen of the Nurse NROTC degree program are upon graduation commissioned on the Navy Nurse corps as Reserve Officers.

The program’s selection and eligibility criteria and procedure is the same as that of the 4 year regular NROTC program requirements. However, the military, physical and academic requirements slightly differ from that of the regular NROTC. The Nurse NROTC program is not meant for those pursing any other program.

The NROTC Scholarship Application Dates And How To Apply

Take Note: Applications for NROTC Scholarship for 2023 will start from April 1st 2023 and end on January 31st 2023. Mark this date in your calendar and apply as early as you can.

Speaking of the application, you can apply for NROTC Scholarship online by visiting the official website here. Ensure you fill all forms correctly and upload all the documents required.

Once you have submitted your application, you can check the status online here. Also keep an eye on your email for any information from them.


Important Terms To Know In NROTC

Advance Standing

We mentioned Advance Standing earlier on, but did not dwell on what the term is really about, and here we want to do justice to that.

Advance Standing is the title of the status for which students of college must apply in order to be commissioned after their graduation. Advance Standing status ensures that college program students are going to graduate meeting all NROTC requirements and can be assigned a designator.


A Designator is what the Navy calls an officer’s occupation. For NROTC students, all unrestricted designators are open.

Designators open for NROTC includes; Naval Flight Officer (NFO), Naval Aviator (Pilot), Surface Warfare Officer, Naval Reactors Engineer (restricted line, but open to very few select students each year), Surface Warfare Officer (Nuclear Option), Special Operations (EOD), Submarine Officer, Naval Special Warfare (SEAL)


With all we have discussed so far, it is sure you now have a full understanding of the NROTC Scholarship Program. If the offer interests you or you know anyone who might be interested and is qualified, then give it a try. Also check out other similar scholarship opportunities below.

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