NJFP Salary and Allowances 2023

The NJFP Salary and allowances 2023 is dedicated to assisting in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and seeks to support sectors and businesses that are crucial to the development of Nigeria’s future.

Your salary is, of course, the amount of money you will be receiving each month. Your allowances, on the other hand, are additional payments you will receive in order to cover some of your expenses.

What Does NJFP Stand For?

NJFP stands for the Nigeria Jubilee fellows program. It is a philanthropic and charitable organization that helps the judiciary in different ways. There are various benefits that come with being a part of NJFP.

What Are the Functions of NJFP?

The NJFP is a parastatal under the Ministry of Labor and Employment. It has the following functions:

  • To carry out manpower planning and projection in collaboration with the appropriate agencies;
  • To identify areas of manpower shortages and surpluses and advise the government on the necessary corrective measures;
  • Coordinate all manpower activities both in the public and private sectors;
  • To develop policies on manpower matters and advise the government on same;
  • To provide vocational, technical, and other forms of training for manpower development;
  • To promote and regulate employment practices in both the public and private sectors; and
  • To carry out any other function as may be assigned to it by the minister.

What Is the Starting Salary for New NJFP Recruits in 2023?

Starting salary for new recruits in 2023 is 30,000. This is inclusive of allowances and benefits.


NJFP Salary and Allowances 2023

As you may know, the NJFP have just released their salary and allowances for the year 2023. So what do NJFP staff members stand to gain in terms of salary and benefits? The base pay is set to increase by 8%, and there will be a 5% allowance for managers and above. On top of that, all posted members are eligible for several other allowances such as travel allowance (13%), health allowance (12%), entertainment allowance (4%), leave travel assistance (16%), and housing allowance (14%).

Here’s a breakdown of the most common allowances:

  • Housing allowance: This allowance is given to help cover your rent or mortgage payments.
  • Transport allowance: This allowance helps cover your transportation costs, such as bus or train tickets.
  • Maintenance allowance: This allowance helps pay for the costs of maintaining your home, such as repairs or painting.
  • Education allowance: This allowance is given to help pay for your children’s education expenses.
  • Marriage allowance: This allowance is given to married employees to help cover their marriage costs.
  • Compassionate leave allowance: This allowance is given to employees who have to take time off work to care for a family member who is seriously ill.
  • Night duty allowance: This allowance is given to employees who have to work during the night.

But that’s not all—NJFP staff can look forward to an annual bonus of up to 10%, with no cap on it. That’s a great way to reward job performance, don’t you think? On top of that, there’s also the prospect of receiving an Outstanding Performance Recognition (OPR) award, with an additional 2% pay hike for anyone so honored.

It’s clear, therefore, that the NJFP is serious about providing its staff with attractive packages and great benefits to attract talented professionals.


In conclusion, the article has looked at what NJFP is, its functions, and how much its employees are paid. It is clear that NJFP is a very important institution in the country and its employees are well compensated.


The program aims to match bright graduates with local employment opportunities where their abilities may be put to use while also giving them access to top-notch practical knowledge and useful skills.


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