NIMC New Salary Structure 2023

The NIMC new salary structure 2023 has been released for its employees which will come into effect within the year.

This new salary structure is meant to motivate and retain employees while also ensuring that the commission can continue to provide quality services to Nigerians. According to the NIMC, the new salary structure will be reviewed and updated every two years in order to keep up with the changing times.

You can find a copy of the new salary structure on the NIMC website. Employees are advised to download and print a copy for their personal records.

What Is NIMC?

NIMC is a government agency that provides individuals with the opportunity to work in the public service sector. The organization is known for its professionalism and for the high standards it sets for its employees.

If you’re interested in working with NIMC, you need to be aware of the new salary structure that will be implemented in 2023. The organization is committed to providing its employees with a competitive salary and benefits package.


What Is the Primary Function of NIMC

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) is a Federal Government Agency saddled with the responsibility of issuing, renewing, and canceling National Identity cards. It is also responsible for the management of data relating to citizens and other person residents in Nigeria.

The commission has a workforce of about 2,000 employees. The primary functions of the commission are to provide efficient and effective identity management services to all Nigerians; issue National Identity cards to all Nigerians aged 16 years and above; register births and deaths; register Nigerian citizens residing abroad; provide data for the conduct of national elections and other political activities; and manage the National Identity Database.

Overview of NIMC New Salary Structure 2023

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has released a new salary structure for employees of the commission with effect from January 1, 2023. The new structure, which was released to the public through a circular signed by the commission’s Executive Chairman, Engr. Aliyu Abubakar Aziz.

According to the new salary structure, there would be a consolidation of all salary levels for all cadres of staff in the commission. In addition, there would be a new salary scale for officers and workers in the commission. Officers in Grade level 07 and above would now receive Naira 300,000 as their monthly basic salary while workers in Grade level 01-06 would receive Naira 150,000 as their monthly basic salary.

The commission stated that the new salary structure was designed to meet the current realities and challenges in the management of identity information in Nigeria. It urged all employees of the commission to study and understand the new structure so as to make informed decisions about their future.


Benefits of the New Salary Structure

The new salary structure offers a number of benefits that you won’t find anywhere else. You will get improved salaries and benefits, greater job security and stability, and better opportunities for career advancement.

Because of the improved salaries and benefits, you will be able to enjoy more financial security and stability than ever before. You will also be able to take advantage of enhanced job mobility, as it is now easier to move between different positions.

You will also experience better job satisfaction and improved work-life balance due to improved work hours, better scheduling, and the ability to use flexible leave options. All these benefits will make your experience working with NIMC all the more enjoyable!

How the New Structure Will Be Implemented

Now that you know the details of the new NIMC salary structure, let’s take a look at how it will be implemented. The good news is that the changes are planned to be applied as soon as possible.

The Ministry of Labor and Employment is expected to issue a notification regarding the revised pay structure in due course. After this notification is issued, it will be applicable across all states and respective regional offices of NIMC within a year’s time.


In order to make sure that the revised salary structure is properly implemented, NIMC has also issued certain guidelines and training programs to help employees understand and comply with the new rule. Additionally, internal auditing teams have been assigned to ensure that all changes are made in accordance with the notified rules and regulations.


Now that you know all about the new NIMC salary structure, it’s time to find out if you’re eligible to apply. In order to be eligible for the position, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Nigerian citizen by birth or descent
  • Have a minimum of B.Sc/HND from a recognized institution
  • Be medically and physically fit
  • Be of good conduct
  • Be between the ages of 25 and 45 years

If you meet all the requirements, don’t hesitate to apply. Remember to submit your applications before the deadline.

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