NDLEA Salary Structure 2023

You may want to work with NDLEA, but you don’t know what their salary structure is. We will be discussing the NDLEA Salary Structure 2023 in this article.

What Does NDLEA Stand For?

The Nigerian government’s National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is in charge of preventing drug usage and trafficking in the nation. Its main office is in Abuja.

At the agency, there are around 5,000 workers in total. The Deputy Chairman serves as the Chairman’s assistant. The agency’s chief executive is the chairman. He is in charge of running the organization on a daily basis.

Many people who desire to work with NDLEA have expressed worry about the agency’s pay structure. This article will give a general overview of the Nigerian NDLEA wage structure as of 2023.

What Does NDLEA Do?

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is a Federal agency saddled with the responsibility of combating drug trafficking and abuse in Nigeria. It is one of the most important law enforcement agencies in the country, and as such, its officers are expected to be the best of the best.


That’s why it’s important that you know what NDLEA does before you decide to work with them. In a nutshell, their responsibilities include:

  • Counseling and rehabilitating drug addicts
  • Destroying laboratories where drugs are manufactured
  • Intercepting drugs being smuggled into the country
  • Prosecuting offenders

As you can see, NDLEA is a very important agency, and its officers are required to be highly skilled and knowledgeable. If you’re interested in joining them, make sure you do your research and find out what they’re looking for in their officers.

What Are The Different Ranks and NDLEA Salary Structure 2023

The Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency has a very simple salary structure. It’s just a three-level rank system with different salaries for each rank.

The third rank is the Deputy Commander General of Narcotics (DCGN). This is the entry-level rank and the salary is N80,000 per month.

The second rank is the Commander General of Narcotics (CGN). This rank is for those with five years of experience. The salary is N100,000 per month.


The highest rank is the Chairman/Chief Executive. To achieve this rank, you must have at least ten years of experience. The salary is N180,000 per month.

How Is Salary Structure Related to Performance in NDLEA?

You must be wondering how your salary at NDLEA is related to your performance. Well, you should know that the salary structure for employees within the agency encourages excellence and commitment. This means that employees who take initiative and demonstrate outstanding performance within their roles will receive bonuses and other incentives.

Moreover, a career progression system is in place for employees who show dedication and excellence in their jobs. This system offers employees the opportunity to advance through different ranks in the organization based on their performance. This promotion policy can provide you with more pay opportunities over time as you show your value to the agency and your commitment to your role.

By staying committed, taking initiative, and demonstrating excellent performance, you can continually receive higher pay as part of NDLEA’s salary structure.

What Benefits Does an Employee Receive From Working With NDLEA?

Besides the exceptional salary structure, you also get other benefits from working with NDLEA. Employees are entitled to a tax-free allowance which includes housing and furniture allowance among others. Employees of the Commission have access to the Contributory Pension Scheme and contributors’ Insurance. It is important to note that anybody working with NDLEA is entitled to these benefits.


Also, there’s a Flexible Working Hours scheme in place for employees who need more flexibility when it comes to their work schedule, allowing them to work from home or alter their work hours slightly. There’s also a provision for medical cover, which should cover all foreseeable medical expenses of an employee. In addition, employees are entitled to free transport for official assignments and a 50% reduction in the cost of airline tickets for any personal travel within Nigeria.

Finally, you will be surprised at just how accommodating the environment can be at NDLEA – they do their best to make sure their employees have all they need so they can do their job without any form of hindrance.


At the moment, NDLEA is looking for individuals to fill these positions

  • Grade 3 Staff
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Legal Officer

If you meet the requirements for any of these positions and are interested in working with NDLEA, we suggest you visit their website to find out more about the application process.

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