What Is The Meaning Of Dorime Ameno In Nigeria? And What’s The Origin? Find Out Here

What is the meaning of “Dorime” in Nigeria?

What does Dorime Ameno mean on Twitter and other social media platforms?

If you are curious to know the meaning and origin of the trending catchphrase, you will find all the answers you need in this article. Read on to learn more about it!

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How Dorime Became A Popular Slang In Nigeria

Many songs have over the years trended in the Nigerian cyberspace. But one seems to have left an indelible mark in the hearts of Nigerians and given them what seems like a “catchphrase to live by.”


That’s the song AMENO released by ERA in June 1996.

As of 1996, ERA was one of the French music group whose songs were loved and played by numerous persons across the globe. So it wasn’t a surprise that AMENO was a hit, just like their other songs. Though with time, the influence of the song declined.

However, in what seemed like a resurrection, AMENO has risen to become a club-favourite in many Nigerian parties and social gatherings. Videos of club goers making merry and dancing to the song has been trending on YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and several other social networking platforms.

Thanks to the impact of these social platforms, the catchphrase Dorime has become a popular slang in Nigeria and neighbouring countries like Ghana.

Where Did Ameno Dorime Come From? Is It Latin, Italian or French?

While Dorime continues to gain popularity online, many have asked to know the origin of the word and what it actually means.


This is because according to some social media users, Dorime Ameno is Italian.

The reason for this their assumption is because there’s a little town called “Ameno” in Italy, in the Province of Novara where they believed Dorime must have originated. But in the Italian language, there’s no such a word as “Dorime”.

So it’s not possible that Dorime must have originated from Ameno in the Province of Novara in Piedmont, Italy.

Another popular opinion is that Dorime must be French, since the music group ERA that first sang with the word is of French origin. But this opinion lacks proper evidence to back it up as a search for the word Dorime in French Dictionaries returned void.

Lastly, it is also believed by many people that Dorime is an old Latin word. Though this most likely to be true, it has also been contested several times by many social media users with a proper understanding of the language.


From all indications, the slang Dorime is neither Latin, Italian nor French. Having studied the 3 languages closely, there’s no concrete evidence that the word ever meant anything in Italian, French or Latin, both in the past or present.

However, it does have a meaning in the Nigerian Pidgin language. You will get to discover this as you proceed.

What Is The Meaning Of Dorime In Nigeria?

Unlike popular opinion, Dorime meaning in Nigeria has got nothing to do with occultism or rituals. Rather, the word Dorime is used in Nigerian Pidgin to describe an extravagant indulgence in one’s pleasures, reckless spending, heavy drinking, eating and partying.

This is why whenever the song is played in Nigerian clubs, it is usually accompanied by heavy and expensive drinks being passed around. Of course only the “big boys” (those with enough money to spend) gets to drink and party as hard as they want.

These drinks can go for as high as N50,000 to N1 Million per bottle.


Is Dorime Cursed?

While many have voted Dorime as the “cursed song of the Summer” on TikTok and several other platforms, the song is not really cursed as in the literal meaning of the word “curse”.

If you read this from the beginning, you will discover I said Dorime has nothing to do with anything occultism or rituals. It is actually a word that was coined from ERA’s Ameno song and used to describe extravagant or reckless spending in the Nigerian Pidgin language.

Make no mistake about it, it has nothing to do with curses either. This is very obvious when you study the lyrics of the song closely.

Who Made Dorime Popular In Nigeria?

I think the right question should be, who sang Dorime in Nigeria?

This is because there’s no one single person that made the slang popular in the country. However, there are several renown artistes that have sang, mixed and remixed the song in Nigeria.


They are Teni the Entertainer, Goya Menor, Emmyblaq, DJ Xclusive and so on.

You can download these songs on Popular Nigerian music websites like 9jaflaver, Naijaloaded and several others.

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Final Words On The Meaning Of Dorime

Dorime meaning in Nigeria is associated with “extravagant indulgence in one’s pleasures, reckless spending, heavy drinking, eating and partying.”

The word is derived from ERA’s Ameno song which was released in June 1996. Though ERA is a music group of French origin, the word “Dorime” itself is neither French, Latin or Italian as many erroneously believe.


In Nigerian clubs, Dorime drinks can be as expensive as N1 Million or more per bottle, depending on the brand and celebrities in attendance.

While many think the song is either an occultic or Christian song, the lyrics have shown that it is just one of those hype songs you can sing or play at any time and won’t get cursed for it.

I hope you find the information here useful.

Now feel free to use the comment section and let me your thoughts on the song. Have you been in a party where Dorime Ameno was played to entertain guests? What was your reaction or those of the people in attendance when it was played?

What do you love most about the song? And whose version of the song do you love the most – Teni, Goya Menor, Emmyblaq or ERA?


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