Mansa Musa Net Worth In 2023

Mansa Musa, also known as Musa I of Mali, was the king of the Malian Empire from 1312 to 1337. He was one of the richest people in the world during his reign, and his wealth continues to be studied and documented.

Mansa Musa Net Worth in 2023 will be analyzed in this article as some believe that Mansa Musa’s net worth may have been as high as $400 billion at the time of his death—making him one of the richest people in history. While this has yet to be confirmed, Mansa Musa’s immense wealth is still a point of fascination over 700 years later.

What Is the Source of Mansa Musa’s Income?

Mansa Musa was not only the richest man in the world at the time, but he was also one of the most influential. His vast wealth came from his country’s natural resources, which he controlled fully. This allowed him to amass a fortune that was unheard of at the time.

You may be wondering how this wealth translated into income. Well, Mansa Musa’s income was vast and varied. He received money from taxes, from his control of the country’s resources, and from trade routes that passed through his lands. In addition, he also owned banks and gold mines, which further contributed to his wealth.

How Did Mansa Musa Become So Wealthy?

Mansa Musa wasn’t always the wealthiest person in the world. There was a time when he was just like everyone else, struggling to make a living. But he had a unique talent that helped him amass his fortune.


Mansa Musa was a great trader. He would buy goods from one place and sell them in another for a higher price. This made him very wealthy and allowed him to accumulate a lot of gold. He also wisely invested his money, which helped his fortune grow even more.

So how did Mansa Musa become the wealthiest person in the world? By trading goods and investing his money wisely, he was able to amass an incredible amount of wealth.

Mansa Musa’s Professional Career

Mali was really well off. This was brought on by the levy on commerce entering and leaving the empire, in addition to all the extra gold. Above everything else, commerce was the primary reason the Mali Empire prospered. In contrast to the Ghana Empire, which served solely as a gold transportation hub, it was home to three enormous gold mines. Every ounce of gold, copper, and salt that crossed the empire’s boundaries was subject to taxation. Nearly half of the gold shipped from the Old World came from mines in Bambuk, Boure, and Galam at the start of the 14th century.

As a result, Mansa Musa’s renown grew throughout Africa and beyond. Mansa Musa had a role in the expansion of Mali in a number of crucial sectors as well as the advancement of west Africa. Massive natural reserves were present in Mali, which was mostly known for its gold.

Mansa Musa began his Hajj trip in 1323, during which he visited a number of locations that helped to establish him and Mali as well-known figures across the globe. Along with a retinue of 12,000 people, he was followed by an entourage wagon of 60,000 men. About 500 soldiers galloped in front of Mansa Musa as he mounted his horse.



You’ve just learned about Mansa Musa net worth. The King, Mansa Musa, was one of the richest people in history, and his source of income was gold.

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