List Of Welding Schools in USA 2023

In this article, I’m going to show you the best welding schools in USA right now to begin your study immediately. Read on.

Gone are the days when apprenticeship and experience were the only welding schools on earth. Now you get the opportunity to become a professional welder by going to school and acquiring a certificate in welding.

Before going into schools of welding and how to get your certificate, let’s take a quick review of what welding is all about.

What Is Welding?

Welding is the fabrication process of using high heat to join things together, usually metallic and thermoplastic materials. The welding process typically involves using a high level of heat to melt the parts of materials together, then allowing them to cool off to cause fusion.

People sometimes confuse welding with brazing or soldering. They are totally two different professions. Soldering and brazing are lower-temperature techniques which do not melt the base metal.


Additionally, a filler material is usually added to the joint to form a pool of molten material that later cools off to form the joint.

Many different sources of energy can be used for welding, such as; electric welding (electric arc), gas welding (gas flame), laser welding, electron beams, ultrasound and friction. Welding is mostly done in industrial environments, but can also be practised in open-air, underwater or outer space.

Before engaging yourself in any kind of welding, it is necessary to take all precautions to avoid electric shock, burns, vision damage, exposure to radiation and inhaling harmful gases.

Why Should I Consider Welding As A Career?

Here are some reasons why you should go into welding and make a career out of it:

  1. Increasing Demand for Welders

Welders are always needed in society, the demand for welders in some societies is much more than the people in the welding profession, which makes welding a great trade, you’ll never be out of work opportunities when you have a decent work ethic.

  1. It’s An Easy Career to Start

Since there is an increase in demand for welders, then there are many opportunities to go into the welding profession. If you’re career driven then you might even be assigned your own team, this means that you’ll have a team under you where you’ll be working on the same project.

  1. Good Payment Structure

Welding is not a get-rich-quick scheme, when you stick to it for a while and you know what you’re doing, then you’ll earn some real cash. According to research, an entry-level welder earns approximately $40,000 annually, when you get more experience in the field, you tend to earn more.

  1. Easy To Pickup Side Work For Extra Cash

You can be working full time and also have side work for extra cash, one good thing about this profession is that you can construct things on your own and sell them, you can also accept contract work on holidays to help boost your income.

  1. Creates Travel Opportunities

Welding is practised all over the world, and the practice is similar if not the same in most parts of the world. This gives welders a higher chance of exploring the earth, closing international contracts and getting to work with their peers in other countries and share experiences.

That said, you’ll have a much higher chance of exploring different cultures because most of the jobs you’ll be doing abroad will warrant you to stay a little bit longer than expected.


Here’s A List Of Welding Schools in the USA

  • The NEIT Welding Engineering Technology Program

Location: Rhode Island

This institution provides hands-on training which has been designed to ensure that prospective welders acquire all the knowledge they need to make it as experts and pass their welding certification tests.

The duration of the program is eighteen months and it also includes an in-built internship period to ensure that students get first-hand experience in the field, which will come in handy after they graduate.

  • Albany Technical College

Location: Albany, Georgia

Albany Technical College produces top-rated welders in society. The institution admits over 5000 students per quarter. Their welding program is for a diploma certificate rather than an associate’s degree.

  • Ariozna Automotive Institute

Location: Glendale, Arizona

Arizona Automotive Institute training courses for welding focus on skills in motorsports and its applications, this also includes the use of speciality tools, shop safety and equipment safety training as well.

The curriculum of this institution focuses on different types of the welding process, their training course is designed to assist students in easily getting their certificates.

  • Ashland Community and Technical College

Location: Boyd County, Kentucky

Ashland Community college has three Campuses spread across the Boyd county area in Kentucky. The institution has over 2,000 enrolled students, including students engaged in the welding program.


The university offers an associate’s degree in applied science and also a community college diploma. The associate’s degree takes a period of 14 months to complete while the community college diploma takes less than a year.

  • Central Louisiana Technical Community College

Location: Boyd County, Kentucky

The Central Louisiana Technical Community College has been providing students with comprehensive education.

Welding programs are offered across all the campuses of the institution, making it one of the top colleges in the United States to offer welding training programs. Students can graduate with a diploma and different types of certificates in the welding field.

  • Ferris State University

Location: Big Rapids, Michigan


Ferris State University offers different courses and training degree programs. Students are presented with the opportunity to choose between two welding programs and the institution’s workshop is equipped with the latest welding tools to enable students to catch up with welding technology.

Hobart Institute of Welding

Location: Troy, Ohio

Hobart institute is one of the best colleges that solely focus on the welding program, they’ve been giving students sophisticated technical training since 1930. Today you can learn many welding methods and acquire certificates, you can also enrol for their online welding classes as part of their program.

Lincoln Electric Welding School


Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Lincoln Electric Welding School is also a welding company which is dedicated in training top-rated welders in society, you get to learn all methods involved in welding.

  • South Georgia Technical College

Location: Americus, Georgia

South Georgia Tech College has been offering courses focused on vocational career options since 1948. The institution offers two welding courses to prospective welders. The Brazing and Welding Technical program is a short-term course that covers the basics of welding.

  • Tulsa Welding Schools

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma | Jacksonville, Florida | Houston, Texas


This institution was established by Welders of Welders in 1949, they offer sophisticated welding programs and they are dedicated to producing top-rated welders.

Final Words

Welders play a major role in society. Buildings, stadiums and skyscrapers cannot be mounted without them, which results in high demand for welders across the globe. Enrol in any of the welding schools mentioned above and get certified in no-distance time.

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