Kudi POS Machine Price In Nigeria, Daily Target, Charges And Commission 2023

You might be wondering, what is Kudi POS Machine Price In Nigeria, Daily Target, Charges, And Commission 2023? How does it work? Who can own it?

In this article, we’ll provide you with all the answers to your questions and more. Stay tuned!

Overview of Kudi POS Machine

Kudi is a POS machine that is designed to help small businesses in Nigeria. It allows businesses to accept card payments, and record and manage sales.

Features of the Kudi POS Machine

The Kudi POS Machine is designed to help business owners keep track of their finances and sales. Some of its features include:

  • The ability to record sales transactions
  • The ability to print out receipts
  • The ability to track inventory levels
  • The ability to set daily targets and track progress against these targets

The Kudi POS Machine also comes with a built-in printer, which makes it easy to print out receipts for customers. It also has a rechargeable battery, which means you can take it with you wherever you go.


Kudi POS Machine Price in Nigeria

You must pay N20,000 as a deposit before receiving the POS from Kudi. This fee is being charged as a precaution to prevent POS damage.

It’s not necessary to purchase the POS in order to pay this cost. Because they will want the POS from you if you didn’t perform as expected.

Kudi POS Machine Daily Target

While you are using Kudi POS, they won’t bother you because it doesn’t have a target. If you fully cease using the POS, that is the only way they can get in touch with you.

Charges and Commission Structure of Kudi POS Machine

Kudi is one of the most popular POS machines in Nigeria and across Africa. There are many benefits to using Kudi, such as its low cost and ease of setup. But let’s review what you should expect as far as fees, charges, and commission structure.

Kudi fees range from 0.6 to 0.5 percent, depending on how many transactions you do each month. N20 flat on average for every deposit, regardless of size


On Kudi, there are 3 types of agents.

  1. Gold Merchant: 10 Million transactions in the previous 30 days (this includes all transaction withdrawals, deposits, bill payments, and airtime recharge)
  2. Silver Merchant: Greater than 3 Million and less than 10 Million transactions, or between 3M and 10M transactions in the previous 30 days (this includes all transaction withdrawals, deposits, bill payments, and airtime recharge)
  3. Bronze Merchant: Less than 3 million transactions were made in the last 30 days (this includes all transaction withdrawal, deposits, bill payment,s and airtime recharge)

The charges for each type of Merchant vary, for example; the charges of a gold merchant are as follows:

N1000 charges is N5

N2000 charges is N10

N3000 charges is N15


N4000 charges is N20

N5000 charges is N25

N6000 charges is N30

N7000 charges is N35

N8000 charges is N40


N9000 charges is N45

N10,000 charges is N50

N11,000 charges is N55

N12,000 charges is N60

N13,000 charges is N65


N14,000 charges is N70

N15,000 charges is N75

N16,000 charges is N80

N17,000 charges is N85

N18,000 charges is N90


N19,000 charges is N95

Charges for any amount over N20,000 is N100 (even if it is N150,000)


So there you have it on the Kudi POS Machine Price in Nigeria, Daily Target, Charges, and Commission.

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