Knights Of Columbus Scholarship 2023: Requirements And How To Apply

Ever heard about the global Catholic fraternal order known as the Knights of Columbus? Are you aware of their scholarship program? If you are not, worry not, as you will know EVERYTHING ABOUT THE Knights of Columbus Scholarship in this content.

Scholarship award is perhaps the greatest, and maybe best answer to students’ academic needs. Having to rack your brain about financing your education while also giving mind to your studies can be quite a labor that takes its toll on your mental and physical energy.

The option of loans for financing academic needs may be available, but having the weight of a loan hanging over your neck as you go on with your academic pursuits will be something you would like to avoid for sure if the occasion present itself.

A Scholarship award can be the best escape route that takes care of all these headaches all at once. You will be able to put the whole of your attention on your studies without having to think of where the finances for your academic fees are going to come from.

The Knights of Columbus Scholarship is one of the scholarship opportunities around available for you if you meet the requirements.


About Knights Of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal service order of the Catholic Church with tentacles across the globe. The organization was founded on the 29th of March 1882 by Michael McGivney. Knight of Columbus has its headquarters at Knights of Columbus Building, New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.

The organization was founded as a mutual benefit for Catholic working class and immigrants in the US. Its supports extend to promotion of Catholic social and political causes, local diocese and parishes, Catholic education, refugee relief, and so on.

Knights of Columbus also provide financial services, to institutional Catholic markets and individuals. It has over 2 million knight members around the world as at 2020. Knight of Columbus membership is restricted to adult male Catholics. The members belong to over 16,000 local councils all over the world.

Knights of Columbus Scholarships

The Knights of Columbus Scholarships are for students of Catholic universities and colleges in the Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, Philippines and the United States. Winners of the scholarships are always selected from students who indicated interests.

Knight of Columbus has different Scholarship opportunities. The Scholarship opportunities made available by them includes;

  • John W. McDevitt (Fourth Degree) Scholarship

John W. McDevit Scholarship by Knight of Columbus is a Scholarship that was established in honor of and to the Knights of Columbus 11th supreme Knight.

During his career prior to becoming Deputy supreme knight and later supreme Knight, John W. McDevitt was recognized as an educator that is quite distinguished. Selected applicants for this scholarship award get an amount of $1,500 per year.

  • Fourth Degree Pro Deo and Pro Patria Scholarship

When the Supreme Council was having its 1965 meeting in Baltimore, a scholarship trust was established to make available scholarships worth $1000 each at the Catholic University of America in Washington DC.

The scholarships are available to sons and daughters of members, Columbian Squires. The program has expanded to include other Catholic Colleges and Universities over the years, even though a specified number of the scholarship is continuously dedicated to the Catholic University of America.

The Fourth Degree Pro Deo and Pro Patria Scholarship program award has also increased from $1,000 to $1,500 per year.

  • Frank L. Goularte Endowed Scholarship

A monetary gift was given by Frank L Goularte for scholarship provision to deserving students based on needs. Frank L. Goularte Endowed Scholarship was established to honor this generous gesture of support of education of Catholic students by brother Goularte.

FAFSA, SAR reporting are required in the application for this need based scholarship. The undergraduate scholarship is provided to selected applicants with $1500 annually from earnings of the established fund.

  • Anthony J. LaBella Endowed Scholarship

The Anthony J. LaBella Endowed Scholarships is another scholarship opportunity presented by the Knight of Columbus.

$1500 per undergraduate is provided per year to selected applicants from earnings of the established fund.

  • Percy J. Johnson Endowed Scholarship

Percy J. Johnson Endowed Scholarships history came from a received bequest from J. Johnson from of Seville Council 93 in Brockton, Mass.


It was stipulated by J. Johnson that scholarships be given to young men that demonstrate financial need. The application process for this scholarship requires FAFSA SIR reporting. The established funds earnings provide selected applicants with $1500 per year.

These are the Scholarship options available from the Knights of Columbus. Earnings of the scholarship trust determine the number of scholarships awarded per year.

Knights Of Columbus Scholarship Requirements And Eligibility

You sure would want to know the needed requirements to access a scholarship at the Knight of Columbus. You are going to get that in this part.

The following are some of the requirements for Knights of Columbus scholarships:

  1. You must be an entering freshman of a four year undergraduate program that must be leading to a bachelor’s degree in any Catholic University or Catholic College in the US
  2. Must be a members of the Knight of Columbus, one with good standing, or a daughter or son of a member with good standing, either alive or deceased, or a Columbian Squire that has good standing. Note that it is not limited to Fourth degree members.
  3. If you are applying to The Catholic University of America, you should contact the Catholic University of America directly to indicate your eligibility for a Knight of Columbus scholarship at the Catholic University of America.

How To Apply For The Knights Of Columbus Scholarship

If you are qualified for the Knight of Columbus scholarship and would like to apply or know someone who does, application for the scholarship is available online. Follow the instructions below to do it successfully:

  • The platform to apply is
  • Go to the application page and create an account to get started.
  • When you are done setting up an account and logging in on the platform, the system will redirect you to the scholarship eligibility page.
  • Upload all documents required and complete all Fields as required, then click submit to save the information provided.
  • If you ever need an assistance along the way, you may go to the website’s Homepage and tap on the green button at the bottom right hand corner. There you can schedule a live chat or callback with an agent within working hours. Alternatively, you may send a mail.


This is all you need to know about the Knights of Columbus Scholarship. If you are eligible, then go ahead and put in for it. You can also check out other scholarship opportunities available for you below. Please also share this piece for wider reach.

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