Keystone Internet Banking: How To Register, Activate, Log In And Transfer Money On Keystone Online Banking

As an active user of banking services, you should be aware of the benefits that digital platforms bring to the financial sector. One of such platforms which I will be talking about in this article is the Keystone Internet Banking.

I will show you some of the benefits, as well as guide you on how to register, activate, log in and transfer money on Keystone online banking.

Keystone Bank Online Banking

It is a platform that provides customers with access to all banking services in the most convenient way.


It makes sure that all banking services are available to customers anywhere they are and at any time, even at night, weekends, and public holidays when the physical bank is closed.

It is easily accessible, user-friendly and available to both individual and corporate customers (which include business persons and government agencies).

Some of the things you can do on Keystone Internet Banking

  • It supports multiple Keystone accounts.
  • You can monitor all transactions and balances on all your accounts in real-time.
  • You can view, print, and download your account statements with ease.
  • Third-party intrabank and interbank transfers.
  • Request, confirm, and stop cheques.
  • Airtime purchase and bill payments
  • Foreign currency transfers.

How to register on Keystone online banking

Online Self-registration

  • Visit Go to the menu and select ‘Internet Banking’
  • Select ‘personal’ for a personal account and click on ‘Register’.
  • Enter your keystone account number.
  • Enter the last 6 digits of your debit card number.
  • Click submit and follow the instructions given afterward.

Physical registration

You can register at the physical bank location also.


Walk to the customer service section of any Keystone bank and inform them of your intentions to register.

You would be given a form to complete and submit back to the service agents.

Your login details will be sent to you via an email message after your registration has been approved.


Registration guidelines for Keystone Corporate iBanking

As a corporate customer, you will need to visit the bank to register. After making your request at the customer service desk, you will be given a form to fill.

Complete the form with accurate details and submit it.

After approval, your User ID and password will be sent to your registered email.


You can also download the form online, complete it and send it to the bank’s official email address.

How to Log in

After you have received your log in details, you are to log in.

  • Visit Open the menu bar, and select internet banking. Choose your type of account, be it a personal or a business account.
  • Enter the Username and password sent to your mail.
  • Click ‘Sign in’

You can as well log in using the details of your Keystone mobile app if you are a user of the mobile app.


Now all the features of the Keystone bank online banking will be accessible to you.

You can make transfers, pay bills and monitor all your transactions.

How to transfer money on Keystone Online Banking

You would need to download a soft token to authenticate your transactions.


Simply search on your play store for Keystone bank mToken. This mobile application provides quick OTP for authentication of inline transactions.

After that, follow the instructions below to transfer money using Keystone Internet Banking

  • Visit
  • Sign in as taught above.
  • Click on ‘Transfer money to other banks’
  • Input the amount, and the beneficiary’s bank and account number.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions
  • Generate a code on your mToken and your transaction is completed.

Final Words On Keystone Online Banking

Remember that your details are extremely confidential and must not be given to anyone. This ensures that your transactions and money are safe.


I hope that you have learned about Keystone Internet Banking in this guide and how to register, activate, login and transfer money on the platform.

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