Is Amex Concierge Better Than Chase Concierge? See Our Expert Opinion In 2023 Here

Is Amex Concierge better than Chase Concierge? You asked. See our expert opinion here.

The Concierge assists guests, patrons, tenants, or employees with services which are personal. That includes making dinner and tour reservations, suggesting events, and transport preferences.

The Amex Concierge

The Amex Concierge is available to clients who holds one of the different Platinum cards from the American Express and the Amex centurion card also referred to as the “Black Card”.

Those with the Centurion card will have a dedicated concierge assigned to them while the Platinum cardholders receive a different concierge at each request.

Amex Common Concierge Request

Most common requests coming into the Platinum Concierge are into one of the following categories are as follows;


Restaurant Reservation: Their Global Dining Collection allows you to search for restaurants that are familiar with taking reservations from the Amex team. Concierges that regularly take care of the dining reservations are based on a first-name basis and some of the best restaurants in New York City, Paris and London.

Show Tickets (Concerts): An Unsounded value of this service is that Amex grabs tickets as soon as they go on sale for the concert of your choice. Which means you don’t have to worry about your busy schedules.

Some other concierge request include; Flower request, Travel Request Assistance etc.

The Chase Concierge

On the other hand, the concierge service being provided by Chase offers help with booking travel, finding ways through specific things which are expected of you to do at your destination and also getting help with COVID-19 protocols for international immigrants.

Customers who have used the service reported that their own experience was fairly good when compared to all of the services the company have claimed to offer, others were more impressed with it.


Chase normally provide information about what can be booked like hotels and restaurants in the location, and even assist you in booking special activities that you might not have currently been aware of at some points probably because of busy schedules.

Is Amex Concierge Better Than Chase Concierge? Let’s See Their Major Differences

Several clients have reportedly said that the first difference they notice is when they call the helpline to speak to a real human being to make a request or complain. Impressively, the Chase concierge service provides someone to speak within 2 minutes or less.

On the other hand, American Express have a slower response time to people and place them on hold for up to 15 minutes before anyone comes to aid.

That’s an exhausting time to keep waiting, but there’s more since they typically have more customers to attend to.

Many individuals have reviewed that Chase never follow up request. They receive only an initial follow up, but nobody got back to them to know how satisfactory their request was.


While on the opposite, an almost equal number of customers have reviewed that AmEx had an almost immediate follow up protocol to check how satisfactory the offer was and have met customers’ expectations.

In Summary

Is Amex Concierge better than Chase Concierge?

The truth is that Amex concierge have more good reviews when compared to Chase concierge despite the annual membership fee of about $550. Both have a customer satisfaction policy and have worked hard to keep clients trust on each transaction.

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