IAM National Pension Fund USA – All You Need To Know In 2023

Are you searching online for information regarding the IAM National Pension Fund? You’re at the right place. This article features all you need to know about IAM National Pension Fund. Read on!

The IAM National Pension Fund was established for the purpose of providing participants with a defined benefit pension plan to enable them maintain a quality lifestyle after retirement.

IAM National Pension Fund Benefits

There are some certain benefits you enjoy as a member of the IAM National Pension, the company tends to takes care of its participants with benefits such as; medical and prescription drug, dental and vision plans and many other benefits that ensure that participants maintain a luxury life after retirement.

The main mission of the company is to keep participants healthy by offering affordable and reliable health care plans that provide comprehensive coverage. However, they also assess and improve their benefits to adapt to the needs of their changing population.

One of the key features of the company’s medical plan Trust Fund Benefits is that employees have the liberty to choose any provider they want, without needing a primary care medical personnel or referrals for specialty care.


Furthermore, for a participant or beneficiary to receive benefits from the IAM National Pension Fund he/she needs to submit a Pension Benefit Application before the effective date of the pension.

After a successful application, the Fund will give you an estimate of your pension and provide you with information about the different forms of payment available.

The IAM National Pension 401(k) Fund

The IAM National 401(k) Fund provides the opportunity for a member to exercise control over his/her assets as pleased. It also provides the opportunity for participants or beneficiaries to choose from a broad range of investment alternatives.

What If I Get Married After My Plan Entry Date?

If you get married after your plan entry date, you will be required to update your plan beneficiary information. However, when you apply for your pension benefits, you be required to send the Fund a copy of your marriage certificate and your spouse’s certificate of birth if electing 50%, 75% or 100% Joint and Survivor Benefit.

What If I Get Divorced?

If you get a divorce or separated legally after your plan entry date, you will be required to update your plan beneficiary information. Ensure that any Qualified Domestic Relation Orders are forwarded to the Fund Office for approval.


When you apply for pension benefits, you will be required to send a document of your divorce certificate with related agreement to the Fund Office if you have not previously submitted a Qualified Domestic Relations Order.

What If Death Comes Before Retirement?

If you die as a participant before retirement or receiving your first payment, there’ll be a range of death benefits available to your beneficiary(ies) or surviving spouse. You can refer to the National Pension Plan Summary Plan Description for more information log on to https://www.iamnpf.org/about-plan/faqs-about-plan to get started.


The IAM National Pension Fund is different from the IAMAW Union. The company is funded by contributing participants. It was established for the sole purpose of the IAM members to benefit from their plans.

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