How To Write Price Increase Letter To Customers

The majority of buyers anticipate that the price of their cherished items won’t be constant indefinitely, therefore there is no need to worry. The risk of losing customers, however, increases if a competitor’s prices are not rising.

Price rises are essentially inescapable given the influence of inflation on economies across the world, but that doesn’t imply that consumers like the new cost. Customers’ purchasing decisions may be affected even if they comprehend the price rise. How many firms increase their rates while still keeping their customers?

By providing a professional price increase letter, outlining your reasoning for the change, and thanking your current clients for their patronage, you may lessen the impact and assist in calming their worries.

What Is A Price Increase Letter?

The purpose of a price rise letter is to let current customers know that the price of the things they frequently buy will be increasing shortly.

To succeed online, it’s important to keep your existing clients happy. Consider a situation when one of your frequent customers’ orders meals without being aware of the price rise. Since he usually buys things from you, he didn’t check the price. He would be extremely dissatisfied with your business strategy if he found out about the additional cost during the checkout process.


Would you have the guts to send them an email with a straightforward notification of a price rise, properly justifying it, and providing further details to prevent this complication?

How To Draft A Letter Notifying Customers Of A Price Increase

There are so many steps to follow when planning to increase the price of products. Some of these steps to justify price increase are as follows;

  1. Notify Your Team

Your whole team will be impacted by the price increase, so be sure to inform everyone—from sales representatives and digital marketers to the customer service team and support personnel. When customer feedback about the upcoming price increases starts to come in, you don’t want your employees to be caught off guard.

  1. Contact Customers/Clients Personally

You should be the only one to tell your devoted clients about your price-hike strategy. You inform them of the impending price increase and get in touch with them individually. Be sure to address each consumer by name in the correspondence.

When a customer purchases a product, it is unjust to inform them all of a sudden that the price has increased. Send a price increase letter telling your list of clients who use that product or service if there is a price increase.


An effective technique to alert clients of a price rise and keep them happy is with a letter.

  1. Notify Customers in Advance

Customers should have plenty of time to adjust to the price rise, therefore you should give them that time.

To continue using your services, they might occasionally need to reevaluate their finances. In other situations, some clients may decide to stop the more expensive service, and it’s polite to allow them enough time to do so.

They may have a chance to make any necessary modifications while taking their time if you inform them in advance of the new price hike.

Before raising the costs, it is a great idea to let them make a few more purchases using the present pricing structure. After the price adjustment, it will entice customers to stay with your company.

  1. Give A Justification For The Price Rise

Summarize the latest improvements’ expected effectiveness. You must make it clear that you did not just raise pricing for new upgrades because you felt like it.

Your clients must be made aware of this fact through you since adding extra features or utilizing more expensive raw materials makes your goods and services more pricey and grand. Customers will see that you are willing to be open and honest if you lay it out for them.

In emails announcing price increases, you shouldn’t ever mislead. Avoid making promises that you won’t keep. Giving your clients an update to indicate that you have delivered on your promises is a fantastic idea once you have launched the upgrades, services, or goods you have promised.

  1. Be Human-Like By Getting Right To The Point

Don’t mince words when you write your email or letter requesting a price rise. Inform your audience right away that running costs have increased. Make sure your emails are brief. Please.

A price increase email isn’t one of the rare times when a lengthy email is a good idea. Don’t convert it into a thesis about the philosophy underlying the notion of pricing; instead, briefly summarize all the important elements.


Passivity will be received by the receivers with the same attitude, even in formal emails like this one. A computer that sends emails is not you. Do not dehumanize yourself in your email since you are a genuine person dealing with other people.

  1. Always Give Room For Customer Response And Questions

You want to make certain that your clients receive all the information they need. They can defect to a rival offering lower costs due to a lack of knowledge.

Assure them that they can always contact anybody at your organization with any further queries or worries they may have regarding the price rise, including top executives.

Key Points To Note Whenever You Are Writing An Price Increase To Customers

Dealing with customer resentment is the most challenging aspect of raising pricing. If you only remember these few, straightforward guidelines, it’s not that difficult:

  1. Confirm your choice with confidence and press on.
  2. In what ways will the customers benefit from the price increase?
  3. Be succinct.
  4. Give consumers a method to get in touch with you and start a real, personal, one-on-one interaction.
  5. For a pre-increase income bump, think about providing a special discount.
  6. Customize and section.


The expansion of your firm is a result of your consumers. Inform them of it. You have a good justification for changing your price strategy if you emphasize to your clients how special they are to you.


Given that no one will want to spend more money, the rising price may lead some of your consumers to cease making purchases from you. But by showing them that you appreciate them, you’ll give them a reason to think of you first rather than one of your rivals.


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