How To Resolve “Cash App Won’t Let Me Send Money”

Here’s how to resolve “Cash App Won’t Let Me Send Money” easily. Read on!

Cash App is a Peer to peer payment app platform set up by Squire Incorporated in 2013. It is described in some quarters as the best way to invest, save, spend and send money.

Cash App was set up to compete with other peer to peer payment platforms around at the time such as Apple pay, Google pay, Venom (setp up and owned by Paypal,) and so on. Like all these platforms, bills payment, goods and services payment transfer to friends and family, and so on can be done with Cash App, using your smartphone. Cash App reported $1.8 billion gross profit, and annual transacting users on Cash App crossed 70 million as at September 2021.


Users of Cash App can have an optional Visa debit card that allows withdrawals from ATMs and usage of money in their Cash App accounts.

Does Cash App Do International Transactions?

Currently, Cash App only works in 2 countries, The United Kingdom (UK) and The United States (US).  Before, the app does not work internationally; therefore, transactions can only be done on the app by people of the same nationality in any of the 2 nations where the app is operating. However, recently, Cash App allow transactions between users in the US and the UK. Users in the US can now send to or receive money from users in the UK. When this kind of transaction is being processed, Cash app converts the money to GBP from USD using the mid-market exchange rate at the time. Sending or receiving funds from friends in the UK doesn’t cause any extra fees.

Services offered by Cash App include; 

  • Banking services, 
  • Peer to peer payment operations, 
  • Crypto  trading,
  •  Investments.

How  Sending Money With Cash App Works

Processes to use Cash App products and services are quite simple and easy. Ease in Financial operations and transactions plus security are 2 of the main goals of Fintech companies and Cash App is no exception to this.

To use Cash App, first you download the app to your device, either Android or iPhone. After this, you proceed to create a Cash App account, a process that will include linking your bank account with your Cash App account and also generating a $Cashtag, which is your username and identity on Cash App.

After the set-up, you can proceed to add money to your Cash App account from the bank account linked, and you are ready to start using the app. You can carry out operations such as sending and receiving money, Crytpo buying and selling, stock trading, bills payment, and so on.


 Cash App Won’t Let Me Send Money (How To Resolve It)

Yes, it does happen sometimes that payment transactions sometimes don’t go through or get cancelled. One of the reasons listed below can be responsible for the hitch.

  • Insufficient balance in Cash App account
  • Poor internet connection
  • Outdated Cash App Application
  • Incorrect payment credentials
  • Money not sent due to suspicion of potential fraudulent activity, customer protection 

These are the reasons why a Cash App user may be unable to send money. How to deal with these issues?  Here are the solutions.

  • Make sure you have good strong internet connection
  • Be sure there is enough balance in your Cash App for the transfer
  • Be sure your Cash App is the latest version. Let it be up to date
  • Make sure the payment details are correct and accurate.
  • Debit or Credit cards that are in your name are the only ones you should link with your Cash App account.
  • Send payments to only people you know and reputable businesses only.
  • Be sure to confirm the phone number of the recipient on $Cashtag before sending a payment.
  • Make sure to use your Cash App frequently so as to create a healthy transaction history.
  • Finally, if after all the above are done, the issue still persists, you need to contact support. Click on the  icon on the Cash App home screen, then scroll down and click “Cash support” then select “Something else” and “Navigate to your issue”  then “Contact Support” 

In Summary

Apart from the app, you can also reach Cash App customer care through phone on 1-800-969-1940 for resolving any ‘Cash App won’t let me send money issue’ that isn’t resolved despite following all the modalities above.


With the solutions in this piece, all Cash App issues can be sorted. Won’t it be a good thing to share this with others then? You just might be doing someone a huge favor.

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